Whistler Restaurant Tours

Multi-course progressive dining tours that feature the best restaurants in Whistler, BC.

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"Great concept, great selections, great night! Innovative, creative and very unique. What a fantastic way to share the wonderful restaurants in Whistler and experience Whistler dining at its finest. The flavours, the tastes, the service.... Incredible!"

Lauralee Bowie - World Champion Skier


Whistler Restaurant History

A focal point of all our dining tours is providing local knowledge about Whistler restaurants, the village history and the BC Okanagan wine region.

The village use to be named Alta Lake and the mountain was London Mountain, named after London, England due to the similar climate. The mountain name was changed to "Whistler" in the 1960's when it opened as a winter resort, to honor the whistling hoary marmots that live in the alpine region around Whistler. Blackcomb mountain gets it's name as the peak ridge outline resembles a black rooster comb.

The main village, where most restaurants in Whistler are now located, was developed while the original community was based in Creekside.  The original vision for Whistler was to host the Olympics and it took 5 bids before they won the 2010 winter games.

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