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Company Vision


From a couple of people who love food, wine, and entertainment, Whistler Tasting Tours is looking to grow into an established Sea to Sky company. We have big goals and big ideas, and are working to have them become a reality by the end of 2024. We are all set to achieve bigger goals to continue growing our company.

Growth Centered on Core Values

Our company culture is built around the Whistler Tasting Tours core values of Fun, Passion, Community, and Discovery. Since we were established, we have consistently worked hard to incorporate all facets of our core values not only into our business but also into the lives of our team members and stakeholders. By striving to develop and live through these core values in both our personal and professional lives, we hope our efforts translate into great support for Whistler Tasting Tours, and ultimately leading to its success.
We are building Whistler Tasting Tours into a well-structured organization with committed team members, business affiliates, and supportive stakeholders. Our company is striving to grow in numbers, scope of services, and client base.

A Business That Grows

We will expand our services to operate Squamish Tasting Tours with two primary offerings—a restaurant tour and a brewery tour. To manage our growing business, we will need to grow our team too with management, marketers and more amazing tour guides excited to come on board.
Indeed, we are looking at astounding growth over the next three years until the end of 2024 and want to become the #1 external revenue provider for our restaurant partners. With a greater focus on growth & exposure online, our online and direct sales will triple that of the affiliate sales and we will introduce a Whistler Tasting Tours merchandise online store for incremental revenue. By December 31, 2024, we are looking to increase revenue 100% from our last full year of operations prior to COVID-19 (2019). Moreover, we will become a Restaurant Association of Whistler Top Tier Sponsor as well as a Whistler Community Services Society Top Tier Supporter with the aim of raising at least $100,000 through direct and indirect donations.

Stellar Reviews and Community Recognition

Customer feedback and positive reviews are instrumental to our growth. Reaching 1,000 positive reviews across various platforms will help spread the word about our amazing tours and in-turn drive booking referrals so everyone can see what the hype is all about. Among the main comments we will receive is that Whistler Tasting Tours is definitely a must-do experience in Whistler and that our tours are the highlight of our guests trip.

Due to the changing consumer behavior in this digital age we are continually adapting and shifting our main focus to driving engagement and bookings through digital marketing on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google, OpenTable, Yelp, and LinkedIn. We will also improve our SEO strategies and leverage a mobile-friendly website to accommodate an increased number of bookings within the 48 hour window prior to a tour.

We will continually work hard to offer amazing experiences to maintain at least a 4.9-star rating on all major guest review platforms including TripAdvisor, Google, and OpenTable. We hope to be nominated for and will be proud to win prestigious awards (such as the BC Tourism Award, BC Small Business Award, Whistler & Squamish Chamber Awards, and also the Best of Whistler & Squamish Awards) in our communities for our service and excellence.

Creating Value for Everyone

Our main demographic do travel the Sea to Sky from the Lower Mainland, as well as a sprinkle of international tourists. Within this, we find our primary target audience are professional females and males between the ages of 35 and 55 years old who love exploring the outdoors and social gatherings, as well as valuing recommendations of quality experiences and products over price, as appearance becomes more and more important to them. By identifying and understanding our guests and their desires, we are able to provide better services tailored to their needs.

Aside from providing excellent service to our guests, we also strive to create value for everyone working for Whistler Tasting Tours. Over the coming years, we will create a fun, positive, progressive, and healthy working environment and will be fully supportive in understanding and helping support them achieve their personal and professional goals.
To help grow their skill sets, we will put our Guides through WSET accreditation and test their knowledge monthly on wine, food, Whistler, Sea to Sky, and our restaurant partners. We will host an annual two-night trip to foster our team culture and to enjoy a relaxing time together.

Because of the way we will focus on valuing our team and our company culture, Whistler Tasting Tour Guiding will become a lucrative in-demand position. We will have a line-up of applicants wanting to join our team & to maintain a quality service and experience, we will continue to practice utmost diligence in screening, hiring, and conducting our performance review process. This ensures that only the best are hired and retained.

Maintaining Professionalism and Service Excellence

We will develop a safe and trusting environment where open and honest communication is freely displayed by all internal and external stakeholders. This in turn creates a healthy, functional, productive, and profitable workplace. As a company we know the importance and value of having the right people on our team, but understand that we need to set goals, metrics and milestones to monitor where we are in our journey to success and achieving our vision.

Striving for Future Growth

We feel confident and happy with how our business is set up to operate effectively & efficiently to grow our cash position, help our dedicated team members, and enjoy the support we are getting from the community. We will do our best to grab the opportunities that open for the growth and development of our team, our business, and the entire community. With the success we will achieve in the next 3 years, we will become even more eager to know what’s in store for the company in the next 10 years. We are all set to continue to build on the culture, core values, and the environment we live by. This has been, and will continue to be, our gateway to a successful, happy, and healthy life.