Whistler Entrepreneurs Selected To Represent Canada at Meet and Greet With Prince Charles

Mon Nov 09 16:10:00 -1000 2009 |

Despite a recession, two young entrepreneurs from Whistler found start-up success and were selected to meet with Prince Charles to discuss their venture. The secret event was put on by the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation), and meant to display a diverse lineup of Canada’s finest and most promising young entrepreneurs; twenty-one to be exact.

Vancouver, B.C Nov 7th, 2009 - - The co-founders of Whistler Tasting Tours, Joe Facciolo and Skai Dalziel, were selected among an elite class to represent our nations finest upcoming entrepreneurs at a meet and greet with Prince Charles over the weekend. Each entrepreneur had the opportunity to meet one on one with The Prince and B.C Premier Gordon Campbell to give a brief overview of the business and answer any questions regarding their venture.

The event was hosted by the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation), a program originally started by the royal family in the UK and passed on to Canada as a way to help fund great ideas by young entrepreneurs.

“Being invited to the event and meeting the prince was a great honour. It feels wonderful to know that the Whistler Tasting Tours product has been so well received. That we are providing a service that has become a great addition for our guests in Whistler, despite a recession”, said Facciolo.

This follows a fantastic first year for the young company. Despite a season of poor snow conditions and an economic recession, the duo have created a product that caters to the growing number of food and wine lovers around the globe. “Whistler is home to some of the nations finest restaurants and chefs. As well, B.C produces some nice wines. We want to showcase that to the world”, adds Facciolo.

Facciolo and Dalziel are now gearing up for what promises to be a very busy winter season. They currently offer two different dinner tours that feature 4 restaurants. Each restaurant offers a different portion of the multi-course meal that stretches roughly 3hrs. Tours start at $89.99.