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Top 10 Reasons to Join a Whistler Restaurant Tour...

  1. Sabering Champagne in Whistler's largest wine cellar is a must.
  2. You only have a few nights and want to try several Whistler restaurants.
  3. Most other dining activities in town cost over $150 and don't include wine.
  4. The poker game along the way provides the chance to win great prizes.
  5. It's a unique experience that can be shared by all ages and abilities.
  6. The friendly local guide provides insight into Whistler's rich history.
  7. Avoid picking bad restaurants in Whistler. We only work with the best!
  8. It's nice to mingle and sit beside different people throughout the evening.
  9. Learn about local wines from the top sommeliers in town that host us.
  10. Dinner at 4 restaurants on separate nights would cost hundreds of $$$.
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