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Past Favourites: Magnificent Madison

Past Favourites: Magnificent Madison

Madison was one of our incredible local guides but is now pursuing her career in real estate.

During her time with us, she had every guest on tour smiling and was always such a delight to work with.

Although we may not have the pleasure of working alongside her anymore, she’s a great source for insider Whistler knowledge! 


How long have you been in Whistler?

11 years! I came here straight out of high school and started as a snowmobile and ATV tour guide.


What’s unique about being a realtor in Whistler compared to anywhere else?

Since this is a tourist town and resort, it brings people from all over the world. Everyone is here for the same reason which is to live an adventurous, outdoorsy, and fun lifestyle. The seasons are also amazing and always ever-changing.


Describe the perfect evening for a Bachelorette party in town:

Well you’d have to start off with a Whistler Tasting Tour where you’d get to explore the Whistler dining scene with your own personal guide.

Next, head over to Bar Oso or Basalt for a nice cocktail.

Follow up with an adventurous activity – something fun like Dubh Linn Gate or the Amsterdam Pub.

Finally, have a go at the nightclubs – I’d recommend Moe Joe’s or Tommy Africas!


What’s your favourite activity to do in town?

In the Summer, I love hiking and adventuring to the lakes. I can’t tell you what’s my favourite trail because I’ve yet to come across an all-time fave.

During the Winter, you’ll find me snowboarding and taking advantage of the fresh powder. My favourite run is….anything nobody knows about. You can’t go wrong with a good Spanky’s lap though!


Best Whistler restaurant for appies and drinks?

The attic in 21 steps because all their martinis are incredible and their Bourbon Sours are pretty bomb.


What’s your favourite shop in town?

The Circle because it’s locally owned!


What is it about Whistler that has made you stay all these years?

In all honesty, I’ve tried leaving a few times….it doesn’t work. You just have to come to terms with the fact that you’re living in a dream town. It’s hard to grasp because it sometimes doesn’t feel like reality. If you can attain a good place to live and a solid job then you’re able to live a lifestyle that any human being would love to live. Even though it’s not your conventional 9-5, leaving town will make you see how good you have it.



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