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Partner Feature: Scott from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Partner Feature: Scott from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Meet the man living out your childhood dream: owning a chocolate shop in one of the coolest places on Earth.

From fudge to candy apples – it’s impossible to walk into the store and not have all your senses intrigued.

We caught up with the owner, Scott, to see how he likes to pass time in Whistler!


How long have you been in Whistler?

It’s been off and on for a while but I arrived and settled in ‘97.


Describe your role at Rocky:

Well I bought the store in ‘03 and as the owner I basically ensure it operates to its full potential!


What is a must-do in town during the holidays?

Well other than coming into Rocky to buy a bear paw you can’t go wrong with skiing on the slopes. Beyond that, I hear that Whistler Tasting Tours does some pretty cool stuff in the Whistler dining scene.


What’s your favourite wine to pair up with chocolate?

It definitely depends on the type of chocolate. Typically you’d pair with dark which goes with red wine wine and certainly not white. If the chocolate is high in cocoa you don’t want anything too strong so I’d recommend something along the lines of a pinot noir.


What are fun things you like to do on your day off?

I like getting out of Whistler so I usually head up to Pemberton to enjoy some backcountry. As great as Whistler is, sometimes it’s fun to escape the hustle and bustle of town during the busy seasons.


Which Whistler restaurant can you find the best drink in town?

The Mild Man at the Rimrock is really good and goes great with one of their 3 course specials. You also can’t go wrong with a copious amount of wine.


What’s your favourite thing made in store?

That tends to vary, I do love the bear paws (see below) but I’m also a big fan of the s’mores which are very decadent.


Where do you like to escape to when you leave town?

Definitely somewhere warm, I go to Palm Springs every Spring to visit family. I also like to head down to California quite a bit!



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