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Partner Feature: Andrew from Olives on Tap

Partner Feature: Andrew from Olives on Tap
Whistler is home to a variety of unique independently owned businesses such as our partner, Olives on Tap, a high-quality purveyor of premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar.
Guests on our Hidden Gems Dinner Tour and Lunch Tour have the awesome opportunity to get well oiled, sauced, or pickled in some of the finest oils and vinegar.
We caught up with the owner, Andrew, to chat more about his products and some of his favorite things to do in Whistler!


How long have you been operating Olives on Tap?

The Whistler location has been running for about 2 years and 8 months but the North Vancouver location just finished their 5th year of operations.


What makes your products different than others on the market?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of issues in the market that lead to a 66% fraud rate so we make sure all our products are independently tested by third-party labs to certify them as the real deal. We work directly with independent retailers and farmers and receive shipments every 6 months from the farms. We’re very focused on educating customers to give them the knowledge on how to find quality products not just in Olives on Tap, but in grocery stores as well. The goal is to change the way people look at food and give them the confidence to choose quality products!


What’s your favorite oil or vinegar in-store?

That’s a tough one because I like to switch it up all the time. I can tell you that some of our best sellers are the green apple balsamic, the white balsamic in the Fall as well as the cranberry-pear. The traditional dark balsamic is definitely the most sold to date and is aged using the Solera System for up to 18 years. As for the oils, the Tuscan olive oil and basil olive oil are definitely top picks too.


Which restaurant has been your go-to lately?

A great Whistler restaurant I take a lot of clients to is Basalt, which has been one of my top choices for the past few years. There’s also a great dining scene in the Upper Village that I don’t think people really know about such as SideCut in the Four Seasons and Legs Diamond. Most of these places are owned by locals who work hard to make them incredible Whistler restaurants.


What is your favorite rainy day activity to do in town?

I love walking along Village Stroll or cruising through the shops. I think that’s a pretty common thing for others as well as we tend to get a lot of people come into the store on rainy days. It’s also the best kind of day to curl up with a nice warm meal.


Where do you go to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Hmm, it doesn’t happen too often but I do have a soft spot for ice-cream so I’d definitely go to Lucia Gelato for my fix. Pistachio is hands down my favorite flavor.


What’s a good dish that uses your oils?

I’m always cooking with the products and I try to come up with a new dish every month to post on the website. I make jellies and jams using the balsamics but there are so many more things like roasts, poultry, and fish or even truffles and pasta that can be done. One of the recent posts was a make-your-own pesto recipe that turned out really good!


If you want to see which tours feature Olives on Tap, take a look here!


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