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Our Team: Skai Dalziel

Our Team: Skai Dalziel
Meet one of our 2 founders: Skai Dalziel. Although originally from Ontario, while living in Whistler, Skai and Joe wanted to create something that embodied an “adult version of a pub crawl.”
There’s no better local insight than the person behind the company that offers the ultimate food and drink experience in Whistler!


How long have you been operating Whistler Tasting Tours?

2018 will be our 10 year anniversary!


What inspired you to start the business?

Joe and I did a lot of travelling post-university, both together and apart. I was in Hawaii for a while while Joe was in Australia but we did a lot of exploring throughout Asia and realized it was tough finding the good spots to eat when you’re in a new place. We found that travelling somewhere for 3-4 days at a time before you’re off to another location makes it pretty easy to make bad restaurant choices. Through this experience, it occurred to us how fun it would be to go to a new place, have a local show you around, and get the chance to try a bunch of restaurants by having a lay of the land. So that’s exactly what we decided to do in Whis!


What’s the best Whistler restaurant for an anniversary?

The RimRock is a great restaurant in Whistler because of its warm and intimate atmosphere that gives you a cozy cabin-feel. I’d also recommend sitting by the fireplace in the lounge at Bearfoot Bistro for the ultimate dining experience.


What’s your favourite activity to do unknown to the public?

Wiffle golf is a ton of fun. It’s golf but it uses the plastic balls with the holes in them and the courses are set up throughout Whistler in the woods. It’s a great activity to do with your friends and a few beers but I’ve even taken my mom and she loved it – and she normally hates golf!


Best drink in Whistler for an apres?

Caesars at Dusty’s in Creekside.


How would you recommend winding down or turning up in town?

I love winding down at the Fairmont outdoor pools especially with their poolside drink service. There’s no better feeling than ordering a bourbon and sitting in the hot tub with the snow falling around you, it’s pretty magical. As for turning up, I like going to Meadow Park to work out because it’s a great facility with really friendly staff and also has a pool to take the kids swimming.


What run are you looking forward to the most when the Whistler ski season opens (this friday)!

Rider’s Revenge is a great honey hole because it has a nice fall-line, few trees to deal with, and holds lots of snow.


Where’s somewhere that never disappoints?

You’re always guaranteed a fun time if you take your family out to North Arm Farm in Pemberton (pictured below). You also can’t go wrong with having breakfast on the patio at the Whistler Golf Course when it’s nice out.


Click HERE if you want to experience one of Skai’s coveted tours!


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