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Our Team: Joe Facciolo

Our Team: Joe Facciolo

You’ve met Skai Dalziel, one of our 2 amazing founders. It’s time to meet Joe Facciolo, the other half of the dynamic duo! Did you know Joe and Skai have known each other for 25 years? They were Grade 1 classmates and Skai’s  mom was Joe’s doctor! They’ve also co-founded digital gifting platform Guusto.


How long have you been living in Whistler?

Since 2008 and loved every minute!


How has Whistler Tasting Tours changed throughout the years? 

In regards to food tours, a lot has changed. Back in 2008, we were the first to operate daily food tours in Canada. Since then, many food tours have popped up but when we first started we got tons of crooked stares when we were explaining the experience. It seems that people have opened up to the idea of food tours and are becoming more adventurous, which is a great thing!


Which is the best spot in town for drinks? 

I love going to the Bearfoot Bistro for cocktails and sitting around their bar, they often have great music playing in the evening. Always a good vibe. 


Which is a yearly food event hosted in Whistler that you can’t miss?

Bearfoot Bistro’s World Oyster Invitational and Bloody Caesar Battle. There’s champagne flowing, tasty oysters and a happy local crowd. They have great bartenders who compete in a caesar contest, so lots of tasty cocktails!


What makes Whistler Tasting Tours unique?

Unlike a typical dining experience, guests have the benefit of trying Whistler’s best restaurants all in one night while being hosted by a gregarious and knowledgeable local. We strive to make Whistler Tasting Tours Whistler’s #1 dining experience for all our guests.


Which local culinary tip can you give to first time Whistler visitors? 

The breakfast brunch at Riverside Campground is a local favourite gem. It is family run and nothing fancy but super tasty.


If there is one dish that you crave from a Whistler restaurant which would it be?

The Spaghetti Quattro! If I don’t have it for a few months, cravings hit hard. It has a unique taste; simple yet spicy and delicious.


Which experience on tour are you most fond of?

My business partner Skai and I guided every tour for the first couple of years so I saw a lot of great tours but during the Olympics there were a couple of special ones where I got to host ex-olympians who were role models of mine.


Where do you find your secret stash of powder?

If I told you I’d have to kill you and all the readers!


Which International cuisine is your all-time favourite?

Either Thai or Indian. It’s not something I would cook at home because of all the intricate spices, but still delicious!


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