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Guide Spotlight: Bubbly Becky

Guide Spotlight: Bubbly Becky
Today’s feature is on one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet, Becky, who has worked throughout the Whistler restaurant industry for years.
She loves guiding tours for the chance to run into some friendly faces as well as show off the beautiful Whistler Village to out-of-towners!


How long have you been in Whistler?

I’m at 7 years now!


Who’s your favorite local bartender to visit in Whistler?

Jonno Young is a former colleague of mine that I’ve known for years and is one of the bartenders at 21 Steps. He’s such a friendly and genuine guy and an all-around good dude!


Where’s a great place to go to in Whistler that people may not know about?

Well, I love drinking Caesars and you can find the best Caesars in town at the HandleBar which is in the Upper Village. They also have a ton of craft beer with constantly rotating taps. They’re fairly new so not too many people know about them. I think they may have opened last Winter but it’s an awesome spot and the food is pretty good too so the dining experience will not disappoint!


Where would you take guests from out of town?

I’d probably bring them up to Pemberton, especially in the Summer because it’s so beautiful. I love supporting local businesses and North Arm Farm sells their fresh produce up there. There’s also a lot of wonderful hikes in Pemby many people may not know.  I recently did Rohr Lake which was really beautiful.


At night, the restaurant in Whistler I’d bring them to is the Dubh Linn Gate because the live music, great atmosphere, and good food make it one of my favorite pubs in Whistler.


What is your favorite way to de-stress in Whistler?

Horseback riding is my jam, I find it therapeutic and relaxing and there’s a certain type of peace found in animals. I usually go up to the horse stables in Pemberton.


Describe the first time you guided a tour:

Well, I definitely was a little bit nervous but I remember the group being super friendly and welcoming so that actually gave me a huge confidence boost. Most groups tend to be very similar in that aspect. I also loved the concept of visiting all these Whistler restaurants in one night, especially since I’ve spent so much time working in the industry, so I could catch up with all these familiar faces that I haven’t seen in a long time.


What’s your favorite type of tour to guide?

I’m always stoked for Bachelorette Parties because they’re really fun, a little crazy, but nonetheless entertaining. I also love guiding the Dessert Tour because most people are more relaxed after dinner and who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? It’s a really unique dining experience and I’d highly recommend trying the chocolate peanut butter torte at Stonesedge, it’s REALLY good!


If I could pour you a glass of BC wine right now, which wine would you choose?

When I went to Kelowna I visited the Quails Gate Winery and their Gewurztraminer was unbelievably good. It’s a fantastic Summer wine, but I usually switch back to red in the Winter.


Interested in having Becky guide your next tour? Then request her here!


Posted By: Melanie Zikatano


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