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Guide Spotlight: Beautiful Bria

Guide Spotlight: Beautiful Bria
Meet Bria Darlington, one of our fabulous guides who has been with us for the past 2 years and counting!
She’s a lover of classic Italian food with a West Coast twist, particularly any dishes that use local ingredients.
There’s no better insight to the local scene than this born and raised Whistlerite!


How long have you been in Whistler?

About 25 years!


Where else do you work?

I’m a property manager at Whistler Home Holidays and up until recently, I was also a guest service manager at Hy’s Steakhouse. However, I’ve been working in the Whistler restaurant industry for about half my life. My first Whistler dining experience started with bussing tables at the Old Spaghetti Factory when I was 12 years old.


What are your go-to places for a girl’s night out?

Bearfoot Bistro is definitely at the top of my list because you get the FULL dining experience and the service is simply amazing. Quattro is also a super welcoming restaurant in Whistler and I love the staff there too. Even just sitting at the bar with bartenders is a lot of fun, look out for Perry he’s an incredible bartender. Also if you’re ever in the mood for a classic steak, you can’t go wrong with Hy’s Steakhouse. They have a great lounge/bar area and if you’re lucky enough to be served by Patrice at the bar, you’ll be guaranteed a great experience. I’d argue that Perry and Patrice are 2 of the best bartenders in town.


Do you have a favorite experience from one of your tours?

Honestly, I can’t choose just one. Every single tour is different which is great because you get to meet someone new every time and have a totally unique experience. I love meeting people from all over the world and from across different industries. There are so many personalities that come out on tour so you can have fun with all types of people. It feels really special to be a part of their experience.


What’s your favorite type of tour to guide?

I do love all the restaurants on the Finer Things Tour and I’m super knowledgeable on the stops and enjoy sharing that information with the guests. It’s really just a great tour that showcases some of the best places to dine in Whistler. I also get really excited when I get to meet the groups, it doesn’t matter whether I’m guiding a group of 2 or 50 people because I either get to have a more personal one-on-one time that allows me to focus on small groups or I get the opportunity to be included in larger ones that have previously established relationships.


Which hostess or restaurant manager are you always happy to see when you’re guiding?

I have to say Michael Graham at the Bearfoot Bistro and not just because he’s my boyfriend! We both enjoy having fun with guests and sharing stories about our experiences in Whistler. We love putting a smile on a guest’s face during their Whistler dining experience!


What other guide do you love to work with?

Definitely Luke! We’ve had some great times on tour together and I feel like we can just read each other’s minds. The fun we have together gets passed onto the group as well so everyone walks away at the end of the tour feeling good.


Bria and her adventure buddy, Layla; a 4yr old purebred Rottweiler from Squamish who is super cuddly and sweet!


Interested in having Bria guide your next tour? Then request her HERE!



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