Whistler Restaurant

Sat Feb 28 01:11:00 -1000 2009 | Skai Dalziel

Snowy days!!! The legs are sore after a few fantastic knee deep days on the mountains. But all worth it for fresh lines. And there's more on the way for next week! Guiding the Whistler wine tours has been a lot of fun as everyone is in glowing moods. It's funny how the whole mood of the village changes, and the servers at the whistler restaurants are all smiling ear to ear now that there is snow.

March is looking like it should be busy, as the Whistler restaurant tours continue to gain momentum. The word-of-mouth buzz continues to grow as more people experience the Whistler dining tour first hand. Recently, it's been a total hit with stagette parties in Whistler, and we look forward to hosting many more in the spring when all the bachelorette groups are gearing up for summer weddings.