A Unique Dining experience with a Laid Back Whistler Twist

Chef Wendy Crockett brings over 10 years of culinary experience to the table and has created a unique reinvention of traditional plates using fresh, local, and delicious, ingredients. At Stonesedge, we believe that your dining experience should include food that deeply nourishes your body, while satisfying your desire for a delicious guilty pleasure. Open every day for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Late Night dining.

Whistler Mountain Life is an ageless existence, where living well matters most and the details follow. Stonesedge is a direct replica of its environment where the quality of food, drink and experience come first, while the gorgeous mountain views simply enhance your time here.

We pride ourselves on serving Ocean Wise seafood, sourcing organic local produce and free-range, grass-fed meat, raised without artificial hormones. All our sauces and condiments are made in house from scratch using local, natural ingredients.


 no charge until day of tour