Whistler Dining in Spring

Thu Apr 09 01:17:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Spring has officially arrived and the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival is on the tip of everybody's tongue. Featuring live concerts, photography and video showdowns, heaps of free stuff, and some spectacular skiing, one can already feel the anticipation brewing through the village.

With a plethora of sights and activities to enjoy, people are certain to work up an appetite...and a thirst. Whistler Tasting Tours, featuring whistler dining at its best will continue to dazzle guests with its unique whistler dining experience. The feedback and reviews continue to place WTT in a league of its own. Fantastic whistler restaurants featuring an array of culinary delights and fine BC wines, will continue to keep our guests salivating, while a heated poker game and fun social guides ensure the groups are entertained. Good food, good wine, good people, good times!