Vancouver/Whistler Culinary Package

Fri Nov 25 09:37:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

We are excited to announce that we have just partnered with Edible Canada to launch a fantastic 2012 Culinary Package that includes a Granville Island Market Tour in Vancouver and a Progressive Lunch Tour in Whistler.

In Vancouver, your Edible Canada culinary guided tour includes samples from numerous vendors in the market, a map of Granville Island, a bottle of Whistler Water and a 10% discount at the EC Retail Store, Takeaway window and Bistro. Max of 8 ppl/guide.

In Whistler, the guided Lunch Tour features 7 fantastic stops in one afternoon for a delicious progressive meal. It includes everything from sabering in the Bearfoot Bistro wine cellar to tasty pieces from the best Whistler restaurants to a beer tasting at the local Brewhouse.

It will only be available at wholesale rates for resellers to book groups.  Please contact us for full details.