To Seafood Lovers

Thu Jan 30 14:03:00 -1000 2014 |

We are pretty lucky living here on the West Coast of Canada surrounded by striking mountains that trail off into the ocean. The towering forests that cover most of the province and that hold many wild majestic animals continue to amaze me. Though how can you forget the flowing ocean that sits at our doorstep. The Pacific Ocean is the world largest ocean and holds over half of the world’s marine life. It has been know that the ocean holds many treasures and for the seafood lovers they'd have to agree. You can find shellfish on pretty much most of the menus here in Whistler. Culinary professions continue to grow with their presentation of fish and shellfish. Trying new flavours, complimenting with wine or a liquor there continues to be an endless style of creating something new with local favorites such as oysters and prawns.

As for benefits of fish and seafood research continues to offer more reason to indulge in our oceans treasures. For most when thinking of oysters the word aphrodisiac comes to mind. While research does prove that it does raise sexual levels for both men and woman there are many other great benefits that come from the oyster. For one oysters are the richest food around containing zinc. Zinc is know best for helping boost the immune system and allowing our bodies to heal better. These small shellfish also are great source of protein that will give you more energy for your time on the mountain or on the trails. A personal favorite is the oysters Rockefeller; as some would say bacon makes everything taste better!

In Canada one of the most popular shellfish is the prawn and how could they not be, there are so many ways you can create an amazing dish. Having them sautéed in butter and garlic or enjoying them as part of your sushi or stir-fry, prawns will always be a tasty treat. Who knew that these small sea creatures would help prevent cancer due to their richness in Selenium, a mineral that helps prevent cells from becoming damaged. They are also a high source of calcium and omega-3 giving us just one more reason to try them in a meal tonight.

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy shellfish we have only scratched the surface. As chefs continue to be inspire by seafood we will continue to be rewarded with the benefits. On our Dining Tours we offer two or three dishes contain local seafood that continues to be a guest favorite. When you are this close to the ocean definitely try the seafood!