Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival Comes and Goes

Mon Apr 27 01:19:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Another Ski and Snowboard Festival at Whistler Blackcomb has come and gone.  The weather was perfect, and the village was buzzing with activity. There was no shortage of goodies being handed out throughout the village, while locals and visitors alike took advantage of all the handouts.  Razors, juice, energy drinks and even cough medicine were on offer.

For anyone who caught the Metric concert it was a true pleasure to see first hand why they continue to be called one of Canada's best bands.  Their new album is fantastic and seeing it performed LIVE AND FREE was a privilege.

All the village happenings aside, Whistler dining continues to shine.  People are planning their holidays months ahead of time! Whistler Tasting Tours is currently taking boookings into September as those in the know do not want to miss this extraordinary dining experience.

If you are coming to dine in Whistler, golf in Whistler  or just enjoy the Whistler nightlife make sure to give us a call.

Good food, good wine, good people, good times!