Summers in Whistler

Mon Jul 28 10:10:00 -1000 2014 | Tamara

 Whistler is known worldwide as THE PREMIER winter destination. Not only is it a place to enjoy a paradise full of endless days of soft white powder, while riding two (yes I said TWO!!) mountains, but it is also renowned as a place for resting your tired body after an adventurous day in the beauty of a European inspired village. Undoubtedly, Whistler is an incredible place in the wintertime, but some know its magical secret; winter is only one side of the coin.

Many locals, travelers, and holiday workers have found themselves enticed to stay and play during the summer months. It’s not uncommon to hear from them that “summer is better”. So what makes Whistler an incredible summer destination? It could be that it holds five lakes just within the community. It could also be that it holds a world recognized downhill bike park and endless bike trails. It could be the simple beauty of the landscape and the wildlife that lives within in it (specifically the Bear, that some are only fortunate to see in the wild.) These could all be reasons enough, but let’s look at the top 5 on our list for visitors:

1. Hiking

The opportunities are endless in Whistler as the village is surrounded by trail after trail. Your only decision will be how long, how hard and how high you want to go. The many trails offer different levels of terrain from short or long hikes (1-4 hours). If you like, Whistler Blackcomb does offer guided tours. For those seeking alpine hiking at its finest, head up and access the magnificent trails via the peak-to-peak gondola (without enduring the 15,000 meter trek up from the base of the mountain!!). For those who prefer starting from ground level, there are many different trails offered only a short distance from the village center, for you to venture off to with your friends. No matter what you choose the scenery will be stunning!


2. Biking

If flying down the mountain entices you, you definitely need to try downhill biking! Whistler mountain began offering the sport in 1998 and our mountain has soared to become one of the best (if not of THE best) downhill destinations in the world! Boasting 1,507 meters of vertical terrain, with lift access trails, it is by far more than what the average biker needs or can conquer in a day! Don't be shy if the downhill makes you weak in the knees. Lost Lake, which provides cross-country trails, is only 5 minutes from Whistler Village. In the mood for something more leisurely? Why not try the Valley Trail that takes you to all Whistler lakes and to Creekside. Bike trails are a big part of the community so we encourage everyone to step out doors and see where the bike takes you!

3. Ziplining

Need a little adventure but an activity that is good for all ages? Ziplining has become a well-known activity in Whistler because it allows individuals the opportunity to be a part of the environment, soar like a bird and share in stunning views. Appealing to all sorts, there is something in this activity for everyone. The short walks between ziplines makes for a less strenuous activity while, for the adventurous heart, there is just something great about flying above the treetops and even between mountains! There are a few local companies that offer different tours to suit every groups needs. We strongly recommend trying this in Whistler if you never have before!

4. Water Sports

The water might be cold, but on hot summer days, it becomes very inviting! The opportunity to go out and try a water sport can be a fun activity for the whole family. It brings one closer to nature and slows down time so that you may savor all the moments! At Lakeside and Green Lake, local companies offer kayak, canoe or standup paddleboard rentals by the day or hour. We highly recommend trying the standup paddleboard as it is becoming more popular as more experience it. There are guided tours down The River of Golden Dreams where you can see beavers and birds in their natural habitats. What makes a better summer day than cooling off from the hot sun while being on the water?

 5. Dining

One of the best things in Whistler for locals, visitors and travelers alike is that it boasts some of Canada’s top award winning chefs. Guests can indulge and savour a night out at one of the many wonderful lounges, bars, and restaurants in town. Walking down the village stroll, one has to only walk a few steps to find many delicious culinary experiences. One of our favourites is the famous Bearfoot Bistro which is best known for its Vodka Tasting Room, stunning 15,000 bottle wine cellar and, how could we not mention, its award winning chef Melissa Craig. At Whistler Tasting Tours, the opportunity to explore the different hot spot restaurants around town has given locals and visitors a new insight into tasting the best the mountain town has to offer. The amazing Whistler dining scene continues to strive as this summer heats up and so do our taste buds!


In this beautiful mountain town, there are so many wonderful things for one can do while in Whistler. The summer here is a perfect reason to get outside, sit on a patio, spend time with friends and family or just relax in a hammock. Our suggestion is make the most of the time, explore, try something new and venture out of your comfort zone, because in Whistler there is an endless amount of beauty to take in!