Planning the perfect whistler bachelorette party

Fri Mar 07 15:14:00 -1000 2014 | Tamara

 As we stare off into the white snow we know that spring is just around the corner. Summer is fast approaching and with is brings a time to celebrate love, friendship and the new life that surrounds us. You guessed it wedding season is upon us! Filled with white dresses, bouquets of flowers, bridesmaids and how could we not mention the infamous bachelorette parties!

Planning the Bachelorette party should be simple. The key essentials are basic: fun, food, friends, drinks and did mention fun!! The party usually lies in the hands of the maid of honor so we just wanted to share our simple steps to plan for success.

Step One: The Guest List
The bachelorette party use to be a time for women to prepare for the wedding. How times have changed. It is a time to celebrate the bride her single, dating and married life. The guest list should include her closest friends and family that what to share in making this day special. Keep it simple; don’t try to gather 100 people to fill space and don’t bring people that don’t get along. Keep in fun!

Step Two: The Location
We’re not staying anything but Whistler is a beautiful place to spend the weekend!

Step Three: Timing
Have a plan. We understand that if guests are coming from out of town planning the stagette a week before might allow everyone to attend but remember most brides are not down with a night-before bachelorette party! We suggest at least a month in advance and remind attendees a couple of weeks in advance to coordinate any clashes that may arise. This gives everyone time to recover and enjoy pre-wedding excitement!

Step Four: Simple Things
This is the time to celebrate the bride-to-be so why not make it an evening to remember. Be creative, have fun and laugh, a lot! Make sure you all get home safe by arranging taxis, a limo or renting a hotel room. If your bride likes surprises and games plan them in advance. Make sure you eat if you’re planning on a night of drinking and don’t forget an essential part- the camera! Having the memories will be the best gift.

To start off a great evening we recommend creating a custom tour or enjoying our Finer Things Tour. Let us take care of all your dinner and pre-party plans. We begin by taking you to the stunning 15,000-bottle wine cellar at the Bearfoot Bistro and teach the Bride-to-be how to saber a bottle of champagne. After beginning your evening with bubbly we will feed your hunger with food from some of Whistler's best restaurants. We provide a private guide to add excitement to your party before sending you off as a VIP to a Whistler Nightclub. Enjoy!