New Restaurant in Whistler
Wed Sep 17 15:26:00 -1000 2014 | Tamara

 It’s that time again when you don’t know if it’s sweater or t-shirt weather. We’re not quite ready to say good-bye to summer but fall has been slowly creeping in but with plenty of nice days and hopefully many more still to come. If you were able to be in Whistler this summer you may have enjoyed time on a lake, a patio, hiking up the mountain or relaxing in the sunshine at one of the excellent golf courses. All in all, the summer was outstanding and Mother Nature gave us plenty of 30+ days to enjoy the outdoors and ample time to sit on many of the fabulous patios in Whistler!

Many people are always asking what’s the best patio, which one gets the most sun, or where’s the best people watching patio and it can be hard with so many good choices in town. We’ll over summer Whistler village got graced with a new hot stop, Stonesedge that not only boasts an amazing patio in the summer but is open late! The new gatropub, Stonesedge, is one of our new stops on our Hidden Gems tour that features wine on tap, a new, fresh-forward thinking to wine. We are delighted to be working with Stonesedge and having our guest experience this new local favourite while in Whistler

Opening in July Stonesedge’s patio has been bustling with people lounging on couches, and enjoying meals on the high tops. The Whistler restaurant features four different menus and is open from 8am till 1am giving even late risers or night owls a new dining option. In the winter we have been told they will be putting in an outdoor fireplace to lure in the après crowds and everyone else! If your in town looking for great Whistler dining join us at Stonesedge as it definitely is a must see as their delicious menu has a taste for everyone.