National Post Article

Tue Oct 13 10:45:00 -1000 2009 | Sarah Murdoch

 Just back from last week's GoMedia Canada Marketplace, an exhausting but entertaining event at which 125 journalists (75 Canadian, 50 representing the international press) vigorously took notes, milled and looked attentive while destinations, events and tours were pitched to them by about 125 representatives from the travel industry --hotels, cruise lines, provinces, botanical centres, spas, regions and the like. Each meeting is exactly 15 minutes and over the course of two-and-a-half days, each journalist talks to 27 tourism concerns. Yes, exactly like speed dating--and very quid pro quo. Travel writers meet travel providers, to their mutual benefit. Trips are arranged and business cards exchanged. For journalists, it's a great boon because the trips are paid for by the host of GoMedia, the Canadian Tourism Commission. This year's event was at Whistler, which gave everyone a chance to check out the secondary venue for February's Olympic Games (10 of 16 events will be held at Whistler). Herewith, a few highlights:  Click here to read more.