Charity, Olympics and Other Musings

Sat Mar 27 08:33:00 -1000 2010 | Joe Facciolo

After the madness that was the winter of 2010 I have finally taken a moment to reflect on it all. It has been a few months now since my last update so I’ve got lots to cover…

Our tour for Haiti in January raised $4000!! Every penny was donated to UNIFCEFS earthquake relief efforts. We could not have done this without the generous donations of the participants as well as our Whistler restaurant partners, Whistler tour operators and Vancouver tour operators. Specifically, the Bearfoot Bistro, Hy’s Steakhouse, Quattro Restaurant, Mountain Club, Elements Urban Tapas Parlour, The Mix Lounge, Canadian Outback Adventures, VINCOR Wines, Mark Anthony Wines and The Blake Jorgenson Photography Gallery.

As for that little sporting event in February often referred to as The Olympics!! What an amazing time! I am truly grateful and feel privileged to have been here for the entire two-week event. I will never forget the energy and outstanding patriotism for the duration of the games. The concerts, the medals, the sudden bursts of “Oh Canada”, the patios, the face painters, the flags and of course….. the gold medal hockey game!!

Also, let’s not forget that there were a lot of Whistler dining tours! The groups were diverse and honestly interested in learning about the cultures of others on tour. There were many greetings exchanged and taught in different languages. The Whistler Tasting Tours team should now be able to say “cheers” in about 20 different languages!

Furthermore, the Whistler dining tours received great media attention. Six time US Olympian, Summer Sanders, and NBC host joined us for a Whistler restaurant tour. You can see her video piece here. Additionally, The Associated Press featured Whistler Tasting Tours over Valentines Day. You can see their video piece here. The Ottawa Citizen gave  the tour  the award for “Gold Medal Activity” in Whistler. You can read the article here. The Globe and Mail also ran a feature but unfortunately cannot be linked due to subscription requirements.

Now that the games have come and gone, and spring is officially upon us, there seems to be a strong confidence and pride running through the village. Spring and summer bookings for Whistler restaurant tours are flying in! People are getting married and it seems everyone wants to celebrate with us. It appears the word is out!:)