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SOS Children’s Village BC’s 22nd Annual Holiday Gala at The Peak of Christmas 2016

Fri Sep 2 16:15:00 2016 | Emily Watt

SOS Children’s Village BC is hosting their annual Holiday Gala again this year (hence the “annual”) at the top of Grouse Mountain. The organization itself is incredible – dedicated to helping the foster children of BC get the care that they need and deserve.

We’ve donated two $50 gift certificates towards any of our dinner tasting tours to the silent auction, and I know there will be a ton of other great items available as well. SOS Children’s Village has a fundraising goal of $60,000+, which will go directly to the support of children and families in BC.

Check out their website for more details on this amazing event.

Labour Day Long Weekend in Whistler

Fri Aug 26 16:15:00 2016 | Emily Watt

Another long weekend is upon us! A time to have fun, eat great food, and chill out for an extra day. In Whistler there’s lots of events available to entertain yourself. Here’s a list of things to put on the schedule for a weekend in everyone’s favourite home-away-from-home, Whistler:

1. Free Concerts On Friday of the long weekend, Whistler is hosting The Acoustical Sounds of Big Sugar in the Olympic Plaza at 7:30pm. Following their great performance will be Mother Mother on Saturday the 3rd, same time, same place!

2. Ziplining What better time than the present? While you’re in Whistler for the long weekend, give ziplining a go if you haven’t before! It’s a great experience, sure to get the adrenaline pumping. You can even get a discount on the experience, if you…

3. Book a Tasting Tour In between dancing to live music and the adrenaline rush of adventure, a person’s gotta eat! Whether you’re looking for lunch, dinner, or dessert, give us a shout and we’ll get you all set up to visit a bunch of Whistler restaurants this long weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be hitting up those free concerts this long weekend.

Food Blogger on Tour

Thu Aug 18 11:29:00 2016 | Emily Watt

Just over a week ago we had the pleasure of hosting a Finer Things Tour with a media attendee! Areta Wong is an established food blogger and reached out to us regarding our most popular tour.

On the tour, we showed Areta to some of the best restaurants in Whistler, including Bearfoot Bistro and Quattro. One of our new tour guides Keshena led the group through Whistler village, making sure to sprinkle in some trivia and history of the area. It sounds like Areta enjoyed her time on tour, and we definitely enjoyed hosting her!

Check out Areta’s post here.

Crankworx Whistler

Wed Aug 11 16:15:00 2016 | Emily Watt

On August 11th, Whistler will be kicking off their 2016 Crankworx Mountain Bike festival! This weeklong event will bring out a ton of athletes, spectators, and mountain biking fans from all over.

Within the week, there will be a ton of events, ranging from Kidsworx to the A-Line Women’s Only Session to the Great Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival. The wide range of options is sure to keep fans busy and entertained for the entire week of mountain bike enthusiasm in Whistler.

There will not only be races and events, but also a number of exhibits – The Expo and Demo – that will allow attendees a closer look at mountain biking equipment, and even the chance to test ride a couple of bikes – for free!

Don’t forget to check out the Spectator Guide if you won’t be participating on bike in the festival next week. It’s definitely a handy tool for navigating your way through the excitement safely and effectively. As always, be sure to make your reservations at restaurants in Whistler early – it’s going to be an incredible, entertaining, and busy weekend for everyone.

Want an even closer experience? Visit the Crankworx website to find out more on volunteering for the festival.


Wed Aug 3 19:40:00 2016 | Emily Watt

Whistler held the annual Ironman event this past weekend. This event is an incredible course of multiple sports, including swimming and cycling. Ironman was held on July 30th, 2016, which led to a highway closure in order to ensure the safety of hundreds of cyclists on the road.

There were over 1,000 athletes in this year’s event. Bragging rights and first place go to athlete Andy Potts, who finished the event with the fastest times across the board. Honourable mentions definitely go out to every other person who participated, and certainly bragging rights as well for completing such a feat.

Ironman always brings a wave of people into Whistler, reminiscent of the times we saw during the 2010 Olympics, when athletes and media filled every nook and cranny of the village. Restaurants in Whistler were certainly full to the brim, none more so than Brewhouse, whose front door lay at the start and end line of the competition.

Ironman is surely a demanding and daunting experience and I know next year’s event is greatly anticipated by athletes and spectators alike.

August Long in Whistler

Thu Jul 28 12 15:40:00 2016 | Emily Watt

Did you know that the August long weekend is a civic holiday? That means that each province and territory in Canada knows it by a different name. For us in Whistler, it’s suitably called British Columbia Day.

But what is there to do in Whistler for those celebrating British Columbia Day? The weekend of July 28 – August 1 will certainly be a busy one, and Whistler is well prepared for it!?

The village and surrounding area is celebrating by holding the Wanderlust Festival, described as “an opportunity to unplug from the ordinary and discover the extraordinary” on

Head on up to Whistler to see music and performances, go for hikes and runs, take a yoga class, visit the Kula Market, and many more fun activities!

If you’re looking for a unique experience, why not try a bunch of Whistler restaurants on one of our tasting tours this August long weekend? We’re sure to be busy and it’s a great way to meet fun and interesting people who are also into the dining scene in Whistler.

So – what will you be doing?

Welcome to the Team!

Tue Jul 12 13:10:00 2016 | Emily Watt

Summer is here and we at Whistler Tasting Tours are in the midst of a happy, hot, and busy season in Whistler! We have folks coming to experience dining in Whistler from all around the world, from close to home in Vancouver, to all the way from Switzerland!

Nothing is more important than keeping guests satisfied and relaxed on our tasting tours, and what’s better than some new tour guides to show our guests to the best restaurants in Whistler?

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a number of people to our team at WTT – Keshena, Melody, Nikki, and Zach! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

We know that our guests are in good hands!

#1 Activity on Trip Advisor

Thu Jan 03 14:18:00 -1000 2013 | Skai Dalziel

 We want to thank all past guests that took the time to post reviews about their experiences on the Whistler Dining Tours.  With all the 5-star ratings we have climbed back to be ranked the #1 Activity in Whistler on Trip Advisor.  While we celebrate this achievement, our team is committed to continue the delivery of outstanding service in order to maintain the standing.  We look forward to hopefully hosting you soon for a fabulous evening exploring the Whistler restaurant scene!   

Summers in Whistler

Mon Jul 28 10:10:00 -1000 2014 | Tamara

 Whistler is known worldwide as THE PREMIER winter destination. Not only is it a place to enjoy a paradise full of endless days of soft white powder, while riding two (yes I said TWO!!) mountains, but it is also renowned as a place for resting your tired body after an adventurous day in the beauty of a European inspired village. Undoubtedly, Whistler is an incredible place in the wintertime, but some know its magical secret; winter is only one side of the coin.

Many locals, travelers, and holiday workers have found themselves enticed to stay and play during the summer months. It’s not uncommon to hear from them that “summer is better”. So what makes Whistler an incredible summer destination? It could be that it holds five lakes just within the community. It could also be that it holds a world recognized downhill bike park and endless bike trails. It could be the simple beauty of the landscape and the wildlife that lives within in it (specifically the Bear, that some are only fortunate to see in the wild.) These could all be reasons enough, but let’s look at the top 5 on our list for visitors:

1. Hiking

The opportunities are endless in Whistler as the village is surrounded by trail after trail. Your only decision will be how long, how hard and how high you want to go. The many trails offer different levels of terrain from short or long hikes (1-4 hours). If you like, Whistler Blackcomb does offer guided tours. For those seeking alpine hiking at its finest, head up and access the magnificent trails via the peak-to-peak gondola (without enduring the 15,000 meter trek up from the base of the mountain!!). For those who prefer starting from ground level, there are many different trails offered only a short distance from the village center, for you to venture off to with your friends. No matter what you choose the scenery will be stunning!


2. Biking

If flying down the mountain entices you, you definitely need to try downhill biking! Whistler mountain began offering the sport in 1998 and our mountain has soared to become one of the best (if not of THE best) downhill destinations in the world! Boasting 1,507 meters of vertical terrain, with lift access trails, it is by far more than what the average biker needs or can conquer in a day! Don't be shy if the downhill makes you weak in the knees. Lost Lake, which provides cross-country trails, is only 5 minutes from Whistler Village. In the mood for something more leisurely? Why not try the Valley Trail that takes you to all Whistler lakes and to Creekside. Bike trails are a big part of the community so we encourage everyone to step out doors and see where the bike takes you!

3. Ziplining

Need a little adventure but an activity that is good for all ages? Ziplining has become a well-known activity in Whistler because it allows individuals the opportunity to be a part of the environment, soar like a bird and share in stunning views. Appealing to all sorts, there is something in this activity for everyone. The short walks between ziplines makes for a less strenuous activity while, for the adventurous heart, there is just something great about flying above the treetops and even between mountains! There are a few local companies that offer different tours to suit every groups needs. We strongly recommend trying this in Whistler if you never have before!

4. Water Sports

The water might be cold, but on hot summer days, it becomes very inviting! The opportunity to go out and try a water sport can be a fun activity for the whole family. It brings one closer to nature and slows down time so that you may savor all the moments! At Lakeside and Green Lake, local companies offer kayak, canoe or standup paddleboard rentals by the day or hour. We highly recommend trying the standup paddleboard as it is becoming more popular as more experience it. There are guided tours down The River of Golden Dreams where you can see beavers and birds in their natural habitats. What makes a better summer day than cooling off from the hot sun while being on the water?

 5. Dining

One of the best things in Whistler for locals, visitors and travelers alike is that it boasts some of Canada’s top award winning chefs. Guests can indulge and savour a night out at one of the many wonderful lounges, bars, and restaurants in town. Walking down the village stroll, one has to only walk a few steps to find many delicious culinary experiences. One of our favourites is the famous Bearfoot Bistro which is best known for its Vodka Tasting Room, stunning 15,000 bottle wine cellar and, how could we not mention, its award winning chef Melissa Craig. At Whistler Tasting Tours, the opportunity to explore the different hot spot restaurants around town has given locals and visitors a new insight into tasting the best the mountain town has to offer. The amazing Whistler dining scene continues to strive as this summer heats up and so do our taste buds!


In this beautiful mountain town, there are so many wonderful things for one can do while in Whistler. The summer here is a perfect reason to get outside, sit on a patio, spend time with friends and family or just relax in a hammock. Our suggestion is make the most of the time, explore, try something new and venture out of your comfort zone, because in Whistler there is an endless amount of beauty to take in!

Contest Time

Tue Jun 10 13:37:00 -1000 2014 | Tamara

The Sweet Escape Contest is here!!


Enter for your chance to WIN?

Free Massages from Scandinave spa, a night at a Whistler hotel, 2x dinner tours, 2x whitewater Rafting Adventure and more!!


Here is your chance to WIN an AMAZING contest with us. ENTER HERE by like US and all our contest partners. It's just that easy!!

Or use our MOBILE Friendly Facebook Contest Page

Have Fun in Whistler enjoying and sharing all these things for free

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Planning the perfect whistler bachelorette party

Fri Mar 07 15:14:00 -1000 2014 | Tamara

 As we stare off into the white snow we know that spring is just around the corner. Summer is fast approaching and with is brings a time to celebrate love, friendship and the new life that surrounds us. You guessed it wedding season is upon us! Filled with white dresses, bouquets of flowers, bridesmaids and how could we not mention the infamous bachelorette parties!

Planning the Bachelorette party should be simple. The key essentials are basic: fun, food, friends, drinks and did mention fun!! The party usually lies in the hands of the maid of honor so we just wanted to share our simple steps to plan for success.

Step One: The Guest List
The bachelorette party use to be a time for women to prepare for the wedding. How times have changed. It is a time to celebrate the bride her single, dating and married life. The guest list should include her closest friends and family that what to share in making this day special. Keep it simple; don’t try to gather 100 people to fill space and don’t bring people that don’t get along. Keep in fun!

Step Two: The Location
We’re not staying anything but Whistler is a beautiful place to spend the weekend!

Step Three: Timing
Have a plan. We understand that if guests are coming from out of town planning the stagette a week before might allow everyone to attend but remember most brides are not down with a night-before bachelorette party! We suggest at least a month in advance and remind attendees a couple of weeks in advance to coordinate any clashes that may arise. This gives everyone time to recover and enjoy pre-wedding excitement!

Step Four: Simple Things
This is the time to celebrate the bride-to-be so why not make it an evening to remember. Be creative, have fun and laugh, a lot! Make sure you all get home safe by arranging taxis, a limo or renting a hotel room. If your bride likes surprises and games plan them in advance. Make sure you eat if you’re planning on a night of drinking and don’t forget an essential part- the camera! Having the memories will be the best gift.

To start off a great evening we recommend creating a custom tour or enjoying our Finer Things Tour. Let us take care of all your dinner and pre-party plans. We begin by taking you to the stunning 15,000-bottle wine cellar at the Bearfoot Bistro and teach the Bride-to-be how to saber a bottle of champagne. After beginning your evening with bubbly we will feed your hunger with food from some of Whistler's best restaurants. We provide a private guide to add excitement to your party before sending you off as a VIP to a Whistler Nightclub. Enjoy!

To Seafood Lovers

Thu Jan 30 14:03:00 -1000 2014 |

We are pretty lucky living here on the West Coast of Canada surrounded by striking mountains that trail off into the ocean. The towering forests that cover most of the province and that hold many wild majestic animals continue to amaze me. Though how can you forget the flowing ocean that sits at our doorstep. The Pacific Ocean is the world largest ocean and holds over half of the world’s marine life. It has been know that the ocean holds many treasures and for the seafood lovers they'd have to agree. You can find shellfish on pretty much most of the menus here in Whistler. Culinary professions continue to grow with their presentation of fish and shellfish. Trying new flavours, complimenting with wine or a liquor there continues to be an endless style of creating something new with local favorites such as oysters and prawns.

As for benefits of fish and seafood research continues to offer more reason to indulge in our oceans treasures. For most when thinking of oysters the word aphrodisiac comes to mind. While research does prove that it does raise sexual levels for both men and woman there are many other great benefits that come from the oyster. For one oysters are the richest food around containing zinc. Zinc is know best for helping boost the immune system and allowing our bodies to heal better. These small shellfish also are great source of protein that will give you more energy for your time on the mountain or on the trails. A personal favorite is the oysters Rockefeller; as some would say bacon makes everything taste better!

In Canada one of the most popular shellfish is the prawn and how could they not be, there are so many ways you can create an amazing dish. Having them sautéed in butter and garlic or enjoying them as part of your sushi or stir-fry, prawns will always be a tasty treat. Who knew that these small sea creatures would help prevent cancer due to their richness in Selenium, a mineral that helps prevent cells from becoming damaged. They are also a high source of calcium and omega-3 giving us just one more reason to try them in a meal tonight.

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy shellfish we have only scratched the surface. As chefs continue to be inspire by seafood we will continue to be rewarded with the benefits. On our Dining Tours we offer two or three dishes contain local seafood that continues to be a guest favorite. When you are this close to the ocean definitely try the seafood!




Is your glass half full?

Thu Jan 23 15:13:00 -1000 2014 | Tamara

What is it in wine that continues to elude and delight us? The blissful smells, the sweet fruits, the dark aromas, the sultry sight of it. From times of old people continue to change it, create it and but most importantly celebrate with it.


“his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine” - E.E Cummings


“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”- Paulo Coelho



Whistler continues to celebrate it's love of wines and culinary skills with Whistler Blackcomb Foundation's charity event 'Whistler Winetastics' this weekend.

The event offers an extensive collection of fantastic international and domestic wines, micro brewed beer, spirits and fine cheeses. Guests are offered delectable appetizers from Whistler restaurants including the Bearfoot Bistro, Ric’s Grill, Purebread and the Grill & Vine. 

The love of good food, good wine and good friends never grows old and continues to strive here in Whistler!



New Office Manager

Mon Jan 20 13:48:00 -1000 2014 | Skai Dalziel

We are happy to introduce the newest member to our team here in Whistler. We welcome Tamara Lashley, our new Office Manager, to the new Tasting Tours Team with open arms and wish her well in this great start to the new year. She has a passion for good people, great food and amazing new travel adventures and we feel she is a great addition to creating great Whistler Dining memories for our guests and bringing a great attitude to the sucess of Whistler Tasting Tours. Best wishes ahead! 


Guusto Social Gifting App

Tue Jan 07 07:58:00 -1000 2014 | Skai Dalziel

There's a new social gifting app called guusto launching soon in Vancouver.  It lets you do a little something nice for co-workers, clients and friends when you can't be there in person.  Send gifts like a drink, appetizer, dinner, dessert, or bottle and the person receiving the guusto gift can then redeem for their desired menu item at any of the participating restaurants (from big brand name venues to local bistros, there's something for everyone).  What a great way to make someone's day!  Perfect to say happy birthdays, congratulations on the engagement, great work on that project, sorry I couldn't make it, cheer up it will all be okay, or just because it feels good to give. 

And it gets better, for every gusto gift you send, a day of clean drinking water is donated to someone in need through a partnership with the One Drop Foundation (a charity started by Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberte).  You can visit the website at to sign up to be among the first to access the app.


BC Liquor Policy Review

Mon Sep 16 09:30:00 -1000 2013 |

Modernizing liquor laws just got a whole lot more interactive. 

The provincial government announced Saturday that it is accepting submissions and public feedback with the launch of a website ( that lays out the history of liquor laws, posts stakeholder discussion papers and even features a blog from John Yap, the parliamentary secretary for liquor reform.

The site is live until Oct. 31 as Yap is tasked with modernizing the province’s laws to boost the economy, support local industry and consumers while balancing public health and safety concerns.

“We want to hear all of those over the next six weeks and I’m looking forward to actively engaging with people around the province through social media during that time to hear their ideas and their stories,” Yap is quoted in a government statement.

The website is another indication the government is finally ready to listen, according to Campaign for Culture executive director Elin Tayyar.

“B.C. liquor laws are very archaic and inefficient,” Tayyar said. “We’re optimistic because this is the first time in decades the government has opened it up to the public and not just get feedback from industry.”

As a key stakeholder, the consumer-friendly Campaign for Culture (advocating relaxed laws to allow drinking on beaches, liquor at special events at venues like art galleries, allowing craft brewers to sell beer at farmers markets and reinstating happy hour) is meeting Yap Thursday with its recommendations.

Its discussion paper will be posted on the government’s website afterward.

Submissions from the Provincial Health Officer, Victoria police and the B.C. Wine Institute, among others, are already online and publicly accessible.

Yap must present his final report to Attorney General Suzanne Anton by Nov. 25.

Morning Show - Channel 9 Australia

Mon Aug 12 06:53:00 -1000 2013 | Skai Dalziel

Australia Channel 9 reporter, David Whitehill, joined a Dining Tour on his recent trip to Whistler with Scenic Tours.  The full video is featured on the MSN Mornings website.  "It will give you a taste, and a sophisticated glimpse of the Whistler dining scene." says Whitehill aftering touring the Bearfoot Bistro wine cellar and sabering open a bottle of sparkling wine with a sword.

Japanese Tourism Market

Thu May 09 07:07:00 -1000 2013 | Skai Dalziel

We were delighted to attend the information session on the Japan market hosted by the Canadian Tourism Commission.  It was great to learn that Japanese tourists are looking for unique dining experience while vacationing in Canada.  We look forward to working with the team at Destination BC (Tourism BC) and the various Receptive Tour Operators to put together some fantastic dining tours for the Japanese clientele to explore all the best restaurants in Whistler.

La Presse Article

Mon Jan 28 08:10:00 -1000 2013 | Skai Dalziel

 Whistler Tasting Tours was recently featured in La Presse, one of the leading French media publications based in Quebec, Canada.  The author, Emilie Bilodeau, enjoyed the Finer Things Tour experience, learning to saber champagne in the Bearfoot Bistro wine cellar and sampling a delicious 4-course dinner.  She finishes by saying: "À la fin de la soirée, on rentre assurément à l'hôtel le ventre plein et l'esprit à la fête."  We are glad to have been able to host the evening!


Staff Party

Sat Jan 19 13:07:00 -1000 2013 | Skai Dalziel

Great to see everyone last night at the Whistler Tasting Tours staff party. The guides all deserved a great party as so much of the Whistler Dining Tour success is a result of the fantastic job they do with guests! Congratulations to Sonja for winning the $280 Canadian Snowmobile Gift Certificate draw! And the highlight of the evening was icing the boss upon his arrival after a 5 hour drive up from Vancouver with the cut off sparkling wine bottle! Good Fun!

Marriage Proposal on Tour

Tue Dec 04 08:43:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

We had our first ever marriage proposal on a private dinner tour. He arranged for the Bruno Mars song "Marry You" to be playing in the Bearfoot Bistro wine cellar upon arrival. While the tour guide and sommelier made themselves look busy upstairs, they invited the guests to go ahead into the cellar, where he popped the question. She said YES!  They then sabered open some champagne to celebrate the engagement before heading off to all the other Whistler restaurants. Congratulations to the happy couple! 

Whistler Resort Open

Fri Nov 23 13:37:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are now both open and the skiing is fantastic!  We have had over 100 centimeters of snow fall in the past week!  With the American Thanksgiving holiday, the village is sure to be bustling with activity this weekend.  It's time to get those ski legs back in shape, so come up to Whistler Resort and explore the vast ski terrain and then indulge in some world class dining in the evening.

Whistler Cornucopia 2012

Fri Nov 09 16:21:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

Whistler's food and wine festival, Cornucopia, is in full swing this weekend.  There are an abundance of wine seminars featuring local and international wine makers and fantastic foodie events at many of the fabulous restaurants in Whistler.  The Quattro – Alba White Truffle Mushroom Lunch on Saturday is a definite highlight and for those in the hospitality industry the Trade Tasting is a great way to discover many amazing new wines.  Happy Tastings!  

Another Whistler Summer

Sat Sep 15 08:37:00 -1000 2012 | Joe Facciolo

 It's amazing how quickly the summer in Whistler can come and go.  Maybe it's the bounty of available activities in this beautiful resort town that sees the days slip by.  Whether you're enjoying the fabulous Whistler restaurants, braving the downhill bike park, hiking the endless trails or sun soaking along side Rainbow parks beach volleyball courts, there is truly something for everyone.

And while fall brings that odd dreary feeling that preceded another school year as a child; we should remind ourselves that this is Whistler.  Which means that we are only about 8 weeks away from carving up those two beautiful mountains called Whistler and Blackcomb that are conveniently linked by the world record breaking Peak2Peak gondola.

This is the time to start planning.  If you need ski or snowboard gear make sure to hit up the legendary Turkey Sale at the base of Blackcomb over thanksgiving weekend.  The deals are outrageous and so are the crowds so get there early!

As the Whistler Tasting Tours team and I start looking ahead to the winter, we would like to thank all of the wonderful guests that we hosted over the past season.  It has been our best yet!  We also could not do what we do without the collaboration of our wonderful Whistler restaurant partners.  A huge thanks to our friends at (in order of occurrence on our tours): The Bearfoot Bistro, Hy's Steakhouse, Quattro Whistler, Rogers Chocolates, The Mix Lounge, The Firerock Lounge, The Brewhouse, Elements Urban Tapas Parlour, Bavaria Restaurant, Kypriaki Norte, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, The Dubh Linn Gate Gone Bakery.

To another season come and gone and to a record breaking snowy season ahead



Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival

Wed Aug 15 09:45:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

 The Whistler Crankworx festival is in full swing this week with lots of great events and energy in the village.  You definitely won't want to miss the RedBull Joyride this Saturday, August 28th, 2012 with almost $50,000 in prize money up for grabs.  And for all the food enthusiasts there is the Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival where contestants will chase a giant wheel of cheese down a very steep hill.  So come on out and enjoy Whistler in the sun, sample some great Canadian cheeses and enjoy watching brave cheese chasers hurdle head over heels for this year's crown.  Then finish off the evening at one of the many great restaurants in Whistler, the cheese board at the FireRock Lounge is always a good choice. 

147 Person Tour (Largest to Date)

Tue Jun 19 11:07:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

We recently hosted the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors on a Dining Tour of Whistler.  With a 147 guests it was our largest tour to date.  We all met at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, split into 3 groups and then toured some of the best restaurants in Whistler, before all groups met up at Quattro for the main course dinner.  It was a lovely evening with great food, wine and company.  We are very happy to report things couldn't have gone smoother, the tour guides and restaurants did a tremendous job.  Cheers,

Canadian Signature Experience

Mon Apr 30 07:08:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

On April 30th, 2012 Whistler Tasting Tours was officially designated as part of the Signature Experiences Collection® by the Canadian Tourism Commission. The CTC believes that this esteemed group of selectees exemplify “once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences...and show the world what Canada’s tourism brand is all about”.

Whistler Tasting Tours has officially been named as part of the Signature Experiences Collection® by the CTC. This honor is reserved for must-do experiences that showcase Canada’s top locally focused experiences to international tourists.

In Whistler, one Canada’s most popular resort destinations, only Whistler Tasting Tours and the Peak 2 Peak gondola have been named a part of this esteemed collection.

“We are extremely honored and proud to be named among this select group”, said Co- Founder Joe Facciolo. “The focus of our unique dining experiences has always been to showcase BC and Whistler’s fabulous local culinary scene. Whistler boasts some of the top chefs and restaurants in Canada; while BC produces many of the countries top wines. It excites us to show the world, through our tours, just how great the Whistler culinary scene is.”

Whistler Tasting Tours was established in the fall of 2008 and has been operating daily Progressive Dining Tours since. It is the first of its kind in Canada.

During guided walking tours, guests enjoy fantastic multi-course meals (lunch, dinner, or dessert) where each delicious course is provided by a different restaurant. Dinner tours offer the option to add local B.C wine pairings.


Mon Apr 02 13:52:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

We are excited to announce that Gift Certificates for Whistler Tasting Tours are now featured in 8 different Costco locations across the lower mainland.  Guests can purchases the gift certificates and apply them towards any of our tours.  We look forward to hosting all the recipients for some fabulous dining tours of all the best restaurants in Whistler!  Cheers, 

ShawTV The Express Features Whistler Tasting Tours

Sun Mar 11 15:16:00 -1000 2012 | Joe Facciolo

Recently ShawTV's Nicole Fitzgerald, host of "The Express", joined us on our Finer Things Tasting Tour.  We visited four fabulous Whistler restaurants.  Check out the video by clicking "Read More" below and following the link.

Winter Pride 2012

Tue Feb 07 12:27:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

It's Pride Week in Whistler and the village is bustling.  The restaurants in Whistler are hosting a variety of events throughout the week for mingling and socializing, and we are hosting our annual Pride Tasting Tour this Thursday, Feb 9, 2012.  It's always a blast so be sure to book as soon as possible as we are nearly sold out.  The weather is sunny and the skiing is fantastic.  It's a great week to celebrate.  For a full listing of Whistler Pride Week details you can visit

Media Coverage

Fri Jan 13 08:44:00 -1000 2012 | Skai Dalziel

Whistler Tasting Tours received some great coverage in both the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province Newspapers this week.  Check out the Travel section in both papers from January 10th, 2012 that is a feature about dining at Whistler restaurants.  The article concludes by recommending our "guided program, featuring wine pairings and unique culinary creations."  We look forward to hosting all the guests from the Vancouver area that discover Whistler Tasting Tours in these articles and decide to join us for a fabulous dining experience!  Cheers.

New Years Eve Whistler Restaurant Tours

Mon Dec 19 21:31:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

We are excited for another busy holiday season.  We are nearly sold out for the New Years Eve on all our dining tours, so be sure to contact us if you wanted to ring in 2012 in style!  There will be a special menu on our Finer Things Tour as chef Jeremy Trottier at Quattro will be going all out.  Options will include everything from Chilean Seabass to New Zealand Rack Lamb.  We can also help you arrange a special dinner if you preferred to visit just one of our partner restaurants in Whistler.  We hope you have a safe and happy holidays!  Cheers,  WTT 

Vancouver/Whistler Culinary Package

Fri Nov 25 09:37:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

We are excited to announce that we have just partnered with Edible Canada to launch a fantastic 2012 Culinary Package that includes a Granville Island Market Tour in Vancouver and a Progressive Lunch Tour in Whistler.

In Vancouver, your Edible Canada culinary guided tour includes samples from numerous vendors in the market, a map of Granville Island, a bottle of Whistler Water and a 10% discount at the EC Retail Store, Takeaway window and Bistro. Max of 8 ppl/guide.

In Whistler, the guided Lunch Tour features 7 fantastic stops in one afternoon for a delicious progressive meal. It includes everything from sabering in the Bearfoot Bistro wine cellar to tasty pieces from the best Whistler restaurants to a beer tasting at the local Brewhouse.

It will only be available at wholesale rates for resellers to book groups.  Please contact us for full details.

The Province and Vancouver Sun

Wed Nov 16 14:54:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

Whistler Tasting Tours received a great mention in both the Vancouver Sun and the Province Newspapers yesterday.  Our Hidden Gems Dinner Tour was touted as a great way to discover which restaurants in Whistler locals prefer.  Hopefully some readers come join us for our Anniversary dining tour this weekend. 

3 Year Anniversary Special Extended

Tue Nov 15 08:02:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our 3 year anniversary special the Friday, November 18th evening is sold out.  As such, we have now extended the FREE WINE PAIRINGS offer to a second evening - Saturday, November 19th on our Finer Things Dinner Tour of the best Whistler restaurants.  Just quote the promo code "Anniversary" when booking up to 5 people to receive FREE WINE PAIRINGS for everyone in your party on the dining tour!  Book Now as space is limited.  Cheers, WTT

Winter has Arrived

Thu Nov 03 05:50:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

The snow has been slowly creeping down the mountains into the valley and yesterday we got our first taste of flakes in Whistler village.  This time of year you can feel the excitement building on days when the clouds part to reveal snow capped peaks.  Soon we will be enjoying endless powder days followed by legendary apres sessions at any number of the great restaurants in Whistler.  For those who haven't bought their pass yet, early bird rates end Nov 21 so don't miss out.  Let it snow!

3 Year Anniversary

Tue Oct 18 06:58:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

We want to thank everyone for another fantastic year.  We could not survive without the ongoing support of our community, visiting guests and partner Whistler restaurants.  So come celebrate our 3 Year Anniversary Friday, November 18th on our Finer Things Dinner Tour of the best restaurants in Whistler!  Just quote the promo code "Anniversary" when booking up to 5 people to receive FREE WINE PAIRINGS for everyone in your party on the dining tour!  BOOK NOW as space is limited. Cheers, WTT

Thanksgiving In Whistler Means Turkey & Turkey Sale

Fri Oct 07 16:55:00 -1000 2011 | Joe Facciolo

The second weekend in October is an exciting time in Whistler.  While most Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving with family, many Whistlerites are here without their loved ones.  Most businesses are running half throttle which means less work and less money for staff (It should be noted that Whistler Tasting Tours continues to run tours to Whistler restaurants everyday of the year:) ).  Impromptu celebrations with turkey and cranberry sandwiches are not out of the ordinary for those looking to stretch their dollars into the winter but still want to take in some celebration.

However, despite the holiday cheer, there is more to celebrate this time of year.  Whistler's famous turkey sale brings penny pinching locals and deal hunting lower mainlanders (people from Vancouver area for those that don't know) looking to score new ski and snowboard gear at up to 75% discounts!  The doors open at noon on Friday and lineups to get in stretch long.  It is well worth the wait as most major brands in soft and hard-goods are well represented. 

It also means the the ski and snowboard season is just around the corner! Whistler Blackcomb officially opens on November 24th. But, fingers crossed, if El-Nina sweeps in soon we could be riding sweet pow in just over a month.

For those who missed the first day of the Turkey Sale it runs through Monday.  So, get up to Whistler, grab some gear and while you are here join us for a tour of Whistler's best restaurants.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cornucopia 2011

Fri Sep 23 15:58:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

Whistler's famous Cornucopia Food and Wine Festival is fast approaching (Nov. 10-13, 2011).  There are tons of seminars and wine-maker dinners at various restaurants in Whistler that are well worth experiencing.  And you won't want to miss the big Crush Gala where guests can sample a huge selection of fine wines from BC and around the world.  And for those looking for nightlife, there are a host of legendary after-parties that will surely blow guests away, including the return of the Masquerave at Bearfoot Bistro restaurant on Sat. Nov 12, 2011.  

Be sure to plan your weekend in advance as our dining tours along with most of the events and Whistler restaurants sell out weeks ahead of time.

Slow Food Cycle Sunday

Mon Aug 22 19:26:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

A bunch of our team went up to Pemberton (just North of Whistler) yesterday for the Slow Food Cycle Sunday.  Over 4,000 participants in total were on hand for a the event.  We stopped at several local organic farms to taste some delicious food.  A few of the restaurants in Whistler had booths set up at the farms for their chefs to cook for guests.  My favorite dish of the day was the vegetable sandwich from Alta Bistro restaurant located at Ice Cap Organics.  And the pulled pork at Root Down Organics was for sure a tour highlight.  The 35km bike ride through the Pemberton valley countryside was a delightful way to spend a Sunday.  I'm already looking forward to next year as I'm sure more of the Whistler restaurants will get involved.  

Whistler Farmers Market A Gem

Tue Jul 26 09:39:00 -1000 2011 | Joe Facciolo

I love Whistler!!  Like many, this is in large part due to the shopping list of world class amenities that it boasts.  Whistler's skiing / snowboarding, mountain biking and endless adventure activities make it a year round destination.  Not to mention all the unbelievable Whistler restaurants, which can be explored on a tasting tour (shameless plug I know :) )  However, one of my favourite attractions may not be something that is top of mind for most when they think of Whistler.

Every Saturday and Wednesday evening through the summer the Whistler Farmers Market, located in the upper village, is a fabulous way to spend a few hours.  We are lucky to be located near some very fertile lands which produce fabulous produce and this market is a great way to get your hands on it fresh from the farms.

Though more than just produce, the market offers local artisan breads, berries, sauces, coffee, kettle corn and a great atmosphere with live music, to name a few.  This past Saturday I sampled some locally made pestos from Sunday Farm that were UNBELIEVABLE!

My favourite was the Bangkok Pesto. I picked up a container for $10 and have been finding ways to use it every day since. They are created by a young lady who was very pleasant and happy to share recipes.  The ability to connect directly with the food producers is just another reason this market is great!  You can check them out at

If you are up here with kids and worried that this pleasant stroll will not be there cup of tea (though local teas are available from Namasthe Tea :) ) There is a kids zone directly behind the market that has a luge track, mini golf, and a bungy trampoline.

For more information on the Whistler Farmers Market you can go to the website

Truly a great way to spend a few hours in Whistler.  I highly recommend!





Four Seasons Whistler Sales Coordinator Tyler Mills Blogs His Experience

Fri Jul 08 08:25:00 -1000 2011 |

Tyler Mills, sales coordinator with the Four Seasons Whistler and an active Whistler socialite, recently joined us for a tour of Whistler's best restaurants.  He blogged about his experience.  Read all about his happenings:

Whistler Patio Dining

Mon May 30 10:30:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

Summer in Whistler is just around the corner and it's almost time to start dining outside.  Many of the restaurants in Whistler have fantastic little hidden patios to enjoy a light lunch or a full multi-course dinner. 

Quattro restaurant has a long thin patio that is surrounded by forest which makes for a very private and intimate dining experience.  Bavaria has a small European street side feel patio tucked away towards the back of the restaurant, perfect for a mini escape to the Alps.  Kypriaki Norte, a mediterranean restaurant, never fails to have some of the best flowers on it's patio just a hop from the village square.  Flipside restaurant has it's regular patio in the North village square open already and will be renovating the bar in the coming weeks so that it can serve both guests inside and outside.  Undoubtedly, it will be a great spot for a casual lunch and beer.  The FireRock Lounge patio at the Westin hotel is one of Whistler's best kept secrets for pre-dinner cocktails with it view over the driving range to Rainbow Mountain in the West.  Finally, the Bearfoot Bistro restaurant is modifying their patio from last year to be a Spanish beach side inspired atmosphere.  With it's West facing angle it will surely be a favourite for appetizer in the early evening sunshine.

So get off the main village stroll and discover the fantastic array of hidden patios at restaurants in Whistler.

Dine in Whistler

Mon May 02 14:04:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

Dine in Whistler has now begun, and many of our restaurant partners are offering fantastic 3-course special menus from $19 to $49.  If you're having trouble deciding which restaurant to choose, join us on a dining tour and try several restaurants in one night.  That way you can find your favourite Whistler restaurants and go back there anytime you are visiting our village.

Maclean's Article

Thu Mar 03 09:11:00 -1000 2011 | Skai Dalziel

We are excited to be featured in Macelan's Magazine this week (March 7th issue).  Just a few pages past Justin Beiber you can find the article about Entrepreneurship in Canada.  The photo shoot was a lot of fun, drinking wine in Whistler's biggest wine cellar under one of the best restaurants in Whistler.  It was great to see our old friend Jesse and his girlfriend, who joined us in the photo.  It looks like Jesse was deep into one of his famous stories, probably about his culinary adventures abroad.

Whistler Restaurants - Stagettes Love The Tasting Tour!

Fri Apr 23 12:49:00 -1000 2010 | Joe Facciolo

As the outstanding winter season comes to a close and Whistler is once again graced by the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Fevtival ( TWSSF ), the village is a buzz with optimism.  Maybe it is the promise of warm weather and all the good times that accompany it.

The spring and summer months also bring wedding season!  With this brings a throng of stagette groups to Whistler Villlage every weekend.... and let me tell you, Whistler Stagettes LOVE Whistler Tasting Tours!!  Taking a taste of the best Whistler Restaurants is a fun and classy way to celebrate.  We are literally packed with stagette groups every weekend throughout the spring and summer.

The word is officially out about the quality of Whistler restaurants that we have partnered with.  The Whistler Tasting Tours experience has been touted as the top activity in Whistler for stagettes.

We love this time of year!

Charity, Olympics and Other Musings

Sat Mar 27 08:33:00 -1000 2010 | Joe Facciolo

After the madness that was the winter of 2010 I have finally taken a moment to reflect on it all. It has been a few months now since my last update so I’ve got lots to cover…

Our tour for Haiti in January raised $4000!! Every penny was donated to UNIFCEFS earthquake relief efforts. We could not have done this without the generous donations of the participants as well as our Whistler restaurant partners, Whistler tour operators and Vancouver tour operators. Specifically, the Bearfoot Bistro, Hy’s Steakhouse, Quattro Restaurant, Mountain Club, Elements Urban Tapas Parlour, The Mix Lounge, Canadian Outback Adventures, VINCOR Wines, Mark Anthony Wines and The Blake Jorgenson Photography Gallery.

As for that little sporting event in February often referred to as The Olympics!! What an amazing time! I am truly grateful and feel privileged to have been here for the entire two-week event. I will never forget the energy and outstanding patriotism for the duration of the games. The concerts, the medals, the sudden bursts of “Oh Canada”, the patios, the face painters, the flags and of course….. the gold medal hockey game!!

Also, let’s not forget that there were a lot of Whistler dining tours! The groups were diverse and honestly interested in learning about the cultures of others on tour. There were many greetings exchanged and taught in different languages. The Whistler Tasting Tours team should now be able to say “cheers” in about 20 different languages!

Furthermore, the Whistler dining tours received great media attention. Six time US Olympian, Summer Sanders, and NBC host joined us for a Whistler restaurant tour. You can see her video piece here. Additionally, The Associated Press featured Whistler Tasting Tours over Valentines Day. You can see their video piece here. The Ottawa Citizen gave  the tour  the award for “Gold Medal Activity” in Whistler. You can read the article here. The Globe and Mail also ran a feature but unfortunately cannot be linked due to subscription requirements.

Now that the games have come and gone, and spring is officially upon us, there seems to be a strong confidence and pride running through the village. Spring and summer bookings for Whistler restaurant tours are flying in! People are getting married and it seems everyone wants to celebrate with us. It appears the word is out!:)

Whistler Tasting Tours With Its Partners Will Donate All Proceeds From February 3rd To UNICEF Haiti Relief Efforts

Tue Jan 26 09:07:00 -1000 2010 | Joe Facciolo

On February 3rd, food and wine lovers can join Whistler Tasting Tours at four Whistler restaurants with all proceeds going to UNICEF’s Haiti relief efforts. Wine pairings are being offered for FREE.

Whistler, B.C, January 25th, 2010 – Whistler Tasting Tours and its partner restaurants are offering the Finer Things Tour at a reduced rate on Wednesday, February 3rd, with all proceeds going towards UNICEF’s Haiti relief efforts. Guests can taste food and local wines at four of Whistler’s top restaurants while supporting this very important cause. All wine pairings will be added for free for attending guests.

Each respective restaurant on tour has generously donated a different course of the dinner. Additional proceeds will be generated from a silent auction at the end of the tour. Auction items include restaurant gift certificates and prints from a local photographer.

“It’s difficult to imagine what it must be like in Haiti after this tragic earthquake,” said Skai Dalziel, co-founder of Whistler Tasting Tours. “We are extremely fortunate to grow up in a Country like Canada where natural disasters are rare. It is important for us to stay conscious and empathetic to the struggles of the less fortunate around the world.”

“The feeling that we needed to do something had been simmering since the disaster occurred”, added Joe Facciolo, co-founder of Whistler Tasting Tours. “When we approached our restaurant partners everyone was very supportive and more than happy to make generous donations. It really says something about the giving spirit of the restaurant community in Whistler.”

In conjunction with Whistler Tasting Tours, the restaurants involved in hosting the event are The Bearfoot Bistro, Hy’s Steakhouse, Quattro, and The Mountain Club, with gift certificates being provided by Elements, Kypriaki Norte, Gibbons Hospitality Group and photographic prints provided by Blake Jorgenson.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release contact Joe Facciolo or visit

Whistler Tasting Tours has been in operation since November 2008.

Joe Facciolo, Co-Founder
Whistler Tasting Tours

2009 Comes and Goes. The Year in Review.

Thu Jan 14 09:59:00 -1000 2010 | Joe Facciolo

Another crazy holiday season has come and gone in a blur.  Visitor numbers in Whistler were higher than expected, in large part due to the massive amounts of snow we has received this season.

Life is vibrating at a slightly slower pace now and has given some time to reflect on a wild year for Whistler Tasting Tours.

While 2008 was officially our first year of operation, it wasn't until 09 that tours were in full swing.  And what a year it was!  We knew the tour was fantastic but had no idea it would be received with such unbelievable praise.  Guest satisfaction has been outstanding.  It is truly wonderful to know that all of the hard work to create this program has payed off.  Whistler Tasting Tours hosted roughly 2500 guests this past year with projections for 2010 at 5000 guests.  It is a true testament to a growing number of people that love food and wine. 

In additional to guest approval, this unique concept has generated a massive amount of media interest.  Articles have been written in The National Post, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, twice in the Pique Newsmagazine, Candian Geographic, twice in The Whistler Question, enroute online, Western Living, a recent 2hr live to air segment on the CBC province wide and more to come through the Associated Press, the BBC, Toronto Star and a publication in Norway.  Adding to this, Whistler Tasting Tours was selected one of only five businesses in the province and twenty across the nation to meet HRH Prince Charles and Premier Gordon Campbell to discuss the business.  Truly spectacular for our first full year of operation!

Our goal for 2010 is to continue to dazzle guests by exceeding expectations on all fronts.  We truly believe Whistler Tasting Tours is the top dining experience in Whistler and our guests have agreed.  See you in 2010! 

Whistler Entrepreneurs Selected To Represent Canada at Meet and Greet With Prince Charles

Mon Nov 09 16:10:00 -1000 2009 |

Despite a recession, two young entrepreneurs from Whistler found start-up success and were selected to meet with Prince Charles to discuss their venture. The secret event was put on by the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation), and meant to display a diverse lineup of Canada’s finest and most promising young entrepreneurs; twenty-one to be exact.

Vancouver, B.C Nov 7th, 2009 - - The co-founders of Whistler Tasting Tours, Joe Facciolo and Skai Dalziel, were selected among an elite class to represent our nations finest upcoming entrepreneurs at a meet and greet with Prince Charles over the weekend. Each entrepreneur had the opportunity to meet one on one with The Prince and B.C Premier Gordon Campbell to give a brief overview of the business and answer any questions regarding their venture.

The event was hosted by the CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation), a program originally started by the royal family in the UK and passed on to Canada as a way to help fund great ideas by young entrepreneurs.

“Being invited to the event and meeting the prince was a great honour. It feels wonderful to know that the Whistler Tasting Tours product has been so well received. That we are providing a service that has become a great addition for our guests in Whistler, despite a recession”, said Facciolo.

This follows a fantastic first year for the young company. Despite a season of poor snow conditions and an economic recession, the duo have created a product that caters to the growing number of food and wine lovers around the globe. “Whistler is home to some of the nations finest restaurants and chefs. As well, B.C produces some nice wines. We want to showcase that to the world”, adds Facciolo.

Facciolo and Dalziel are now gearing up for what promises to be a very busy winter season. They currently offer two different dinner tours that feature 4 restaurants. Each restaurant offers a different portion of the multi-course meal that stretches roughly 3hrs. Tours start at $89.99.

Canadian Geographic Feature Whistler Tasting Tours

Fri Nov 06 16:08:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

We are proud to say that Whistler Tasting Tours is being featured in the next edition of Canadian Geographic Magazine!

Dining in Whistler has changed forever!

National Post Article

Tue Oct 13 10:45:00 -1000 2009 | Sarah Murdoch

 Just back from last week's GoMedia Canada Marketplace, an exhausting but entertaining event at which 125 journalists (75 Canadian, 50 representing the international press) vigorously took notes, milled and looked attentive while destinations, events and tours were pitched to them by about 125 representatives from the travel industry --hotels, cruise lines, provinces, botanical centres, spas, regions and the like. Each meeting is exactly 15 minutes and over the course of two-and-a-half days, each journalist talks to 27 tourism concerns. Yes, exactly like speed dating--and very quid pro quo. Travel writers meet travel providers, to their mutual benefit. Trips are arranged and business cards exchanged. For journalists, it's a great boon because the trips are paid for by the host of GoMedia, the Canadian Tourism Commission. This year's event was at Whistler, which gave everyone a chance to check out the secondary venue for February's Olympic Games (10 of 16 events will be held at Whistler). Herewith, a few highlights:  Click here to read more.

Whistler Tasting Tours Host GoMedia

Wed Sep 23 09:45:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Go Media is a rotating yearly event that hosts 150 of the nations top travel media.  On September 21st, Whistler resort played host to this distinguished group of journalists. 

The tasting tour was an integral part of one of only a few itineraries available.  We were lucky enough to guide 17 food and travel writers through a custom lunch tour. The tour visited 4 Whistler restaurants for a fabulous 4 course meal. It was a fantastic afternoon and great way to showcase this still young tour to some of the nations top media.

Keep your eye out in the coming months for articles being written on Whistler's top dining experience!

1000 Guests

Thu Aug 13 09:41:00 -1000 2009 | Skai Dalziel

We are excited to announce that we have recently hosted our 1000th guest on the dining tour. It has been a busy summer as word of mouth is starting to spread as more people are booking on recommendations from friends and family who have experienced the tour. We will soon be looking to hire some guides to help us out. Anyone interested in leading a dinner party through Whistler's best restaurants?

Whistler Blackcomb Forest Fire Scare

Fri Jul 31 16:03:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Yesterdays lightning caused forest fire on the crystal ridge of Blackcomb mountain left locals and visitors on edge.  Onlookers took in a wild sight as response teams were quick to react to the situation.  Airplanes and helicopters lapped the flame with water bombs and fire retardant chemicals.

It was a calming feeling to know that these resources are in place and ready to pounce at the first sign of trouble.  While soaring temperatures have created a an extreme risk of fires this summer, authorities say that yesterdays outburst is contained and under control.

For public inquiries please contact:
Main switchboard at
604 932 5535

On a more positive note, the great weather has Whistler village bustling into the long weekend.  The lakes are packed, and rib fest is on.  If you are in to BBQ, the annual rib challenge is being held all weekend at Dusty's in creekside.  Able around sampling tasty ribs and pulled pork with a winner being crowned on Sunday.

Indeed a great afternoon lead in for a Whistler Tasting Tour!  With tours running all weekend there will be no shortage of tasty food and wine to go around.

Also worth noting was todays Ravenwood wine tasting event.  Joel Peterson, the godfather of Zinfindel. founder and winemaker at Ravenwood was in town today.  He delighted the audience with great stories of Zin's beginnings and allowed a lucky few to taste some great wines.

Whistler Activities Never Stop!

Sat Jul 18 20:39:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Whistler is truly a world class four seasons resort destination!  The spectacular weather coupled with non-stop activities in Whistler has been bringing the summer crowds in droves.  The Whistler mountain bike trails are in full swing and the infamous Crankworks will be at the base of the mountain before we know it.  In the meantime there is plenty to keep visitors and local alike occupied.  Of course, food and wine lovers can expect nightly Whistler restaurant tours to be taking place....

also over the next few weeks Whistler will be showcasing some of my favourite musicians:

July 22 - Xavier Rudd

July 25 - Chill on the hill featuring The Stills at the top of Whistler mountain.

Canadian Tourism Commission Features Whistler Tasting Tours

Mon Jul 06 22:14:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Back in January, we had the pleasure of hosting Randall Shirley, a journalist and travel travel writer for the CTC, for a night with Whistler Tasting Tours.

He wrote an article back in February that was just recently published by the Canadian Tourism Commission.  Please click on the article title below to read what Randall had to say about our dining tour in Whistler.

Whistler goes gourmet—après ski will never be the same. 

Bearfoot Bistro's Melissa Craig Creates White Spot Menu

Sat Jul 04 20:48:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Not only is Melissa Craig, of the Bearfoot Bistro. one of the best chefs in the world (she won the Canadian culinary championships in 2008), she has now led her Whistler restaurant to the prestigious gold medal award in the annual Vancouver magazine Whistler Restaurant Awards.

Most recently she was named as the celebrity chef for White Spot. Melissa has been heavily involved in creating a fresh sheet spring menu for the White Spot franchise.

Here is a great interview of Melissa Craig. She talks about her awards, her travels and her involvement with White Spot.

We are proud to showcase Melissa's superb culinary skills on our Whistler Restaurant Tour!

Canada Day / 4th of July Combine For A Great Weekend

Tue Jun 30 07:17:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

With the sun shining, Canada Day and The 4th of July should combine to bring the crowds into Whistler.

Construction up the sea to sky highway is almost done and the drive from Vancouver is a dream compared to just a few years ago.

For those looking to celebrate there is no better way than on a tasting tour.  Join us this weekend for some great food, wine and fun!

You live once.  Indulge!

Whistler Weather Drawing Crowds

Sun Jun 14 19:12:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

While Whistler locals and visitors alike were cursing the dry weather this past winter, these same people have been basking in its glory over the past few weeks. 

The uncharacteristically warm weather has been bringing in the crowds.  Vancouver and Seattle residents have been seizing the opportunity to enjoy the many wonderful Whistler attractions.  Mountain Bike and hiking trails as well as Whistler restaurants have been packed over the weekends.  Whistler's only dining tour, Whistler Tasting Tours, has seen record breaking numbers through the first few weekends in June and only expects this to continue. 

This unique experience that allows visitors to sample the best Whistler restaurants and great BC wines continues to dazzle. 

We want to thank everybody who has come out to date and invite those who have not to come check out what the buzz is all about.

See you soon!

More Great News! Whistler Tasting Tours, Whistler Restaurants an NBC Feature.

Thu Jun 11 07:26:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Well it seems as though the past years hard work is paying off for Whistler Tasting Tours and our Whistler restaurant partners. 

After receiving rave reviews throughout the winter, NBC sent a "spy" out on our tour.  With nothing but great things to report about this unique Whistler dining tour, we were chosen to be featured on NBC's new travel website,

Last Thursday Alex the camera man joined us for a very special tasting tour around Whistler village.  He got some great shots of our fantastic featured Whistler restaurants and it was a proud showcase of Whistler dining at its best!  

We will be sure to let everyone know when the featured piece has been cut.

Vancouver Sun Article

Sat May 16 08:00:00 -1000 2009 | Mia Stainsby

It's right out of the idiot's guide to running a business, but by gosh, if it doesn't turn out to be a lesson for cynics like me.

This isn't a world full of greed, scams, fraud and Bernie Madoffs after all. There isn't a shark at every turn and people can be trusted to behave with a certain amount of grace.

Take the public response to a get-greedy-quick opportunity for the restaurant-goers.

Some in the restaurant industry in North America are relying on the honour system -- the pay-what-you-want (or in some cases, what-you-can) model of payment to lure customers or in some cases, trusting in a "pay it forward" kind of karma. Predictably, this model is based on honour. Well, it seems honour exists.

In Whistler, Joe Facciolo and partner Skai Dalziel started the Whistler Tasting Tours last December just as the floor gave way in the economy. The tour takes guests to five Whistler restaurants with a dish and a wine at each. Click here to read more.

Question Newspaper 2nd Article

Wed May 06 08:00:00 -1000 2009 | Jennifer Miller

Whistler's Entrepreneurial Spirit Still Alive Despite Economy

Whistler – The entrepreneurial spirit has been a strong force in Whistler over the years, with many stories of ski bums starting successful businesses — seeing a need or an opportunity in a growing resort and stepping in to give it a shot.

At the museum’s recent Icon Gone event during the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival I learned of one such story. Nigel Protter’s Espresso Express was an old bus converted into a coffee shop that was often stationed at the base of Whistler Mountain in the wilderness that is now the Village.

It served as a hangout for skiers in the late 1970s as they waited for the shuttle bus that would take them back to Creekside and the old gondola. (There was no lift service in the now-Village area.)

Last week, I had the chance to literally taste the dream of two young entrepreneurs — and it was delicious. It was one of those moments when I thought, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Skai Dalziel and Joe Facciolo started Whistler Tasting Tours in December, and my significant other treated me to their “Après-disiac” tour last week. It was one of the best evenings I’ve had in a while — full of laughter, amazing food and drink, fun and conversation.  Click here to read more.

Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival Comes and Goes

Mon Apr 27 01:19:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Another Ski and Snowboard Festival at Whistler Blackcomb has come and gone.  The weather was perfect, and the village was buzzing with activity. There was no shortage of goodies being handed out throughout the village, while locals and visitors alike took advantage of all the handouts.  Razors, juice, energy drinks and even cough medicine were on offer.

For anyone who caught the Metric concert it was a true pleasure to see first hand why they continue to be called one of Canada's best bands.  Their new album is fantastic and seeing it performed LIVE AND FREE was a privilege.

All the village happenings aside, Whistler dining continues to shine.  People are planning their holidays months ahead of time! Whistler Tasting Tours is currently taking boookings into September as those in the know do not want to miss this extraordinary dining experience.

If you are coming to dine in Whistler, golf in Whistler  or just enjoy the Whistler nightlife make sure to give us a call.

Good food, good wine, good people, good times!

Whistler Dining in Spring

Thu Apr 09 01:17:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

Spring has officially arrived and the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival is on the tip of everybody's tongue. Featuring live concerts, photography and video showdowns, heaps of free stuff, and some spectacular skiing, one can already feel the anticipation brewing through the village.

With a plethora of sights and activities to enjoy, people are certain to work up an appetite...and a thirst. Whistler Tasting Tours, featuring whistler dining at its best will continue to dazzle guests with its unique whistler dining experience. The feedback and reviews continue to place WTT in a league of its own. Fantastic whistler restaurants featuring an array of culinary delights and fine BC wines, will continue to keep our guests salivating, while a heated poker game and fun social guides ensure the groups are entertained. Good food, good wine, good people, good times!

Stagette Parties in Whistler

Wed Mar 18 01:14:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

As spring is fast approaching it seems that love is in the air. Weddings in Whistler are a popular thing in the summer months. With that comes Stagette / Bachelorette parties. Whistler Tasting Tours already has a number of weekends booked out for girls weekends. Whether it is the lure of such great Whistler restaurants, great B.C. wines or the VIP treatment during and after the tour ( our guests receive no line and no cover privileges at Buffalo Bills after dinner) it seems as though this is the hottest new Whistler activity for stagettes. We can't wait to host these groups for a fabulous evening of flavor and fun!

New Whistler Tours

Fri Mar 06 01:12:00 -1000 2009 | Skai Dalziel

We attended the Whistler roadshow in Vancouver this week. It was a great networking event to meet all sorts of conference and group coordinators. There was great reception and excitement about our Whistler dine around concept. Some people were asking if we could host groups up to 400 people in size. We're thinking we could have a shotgun start like in golf and just rotate them around every 40mins or so. That would be quite the Whistler dine-around event! Either way it's looking like it will be a fantastic summer with lots of people on tour.

Whistler Restaurant

Sat Feb 28 01:11:00 -1000 2009 | Skai Dalziel

Snowy days!!! The legs are sore after a few fantastic knee deep days on the mountains. But all worth it for fresh lines. And there's more on the way for next week! Guiding the Whistler wine tours has been a lot of fun as everyone is in glowing moods. It's funny how the whole mood of the village changes, and the servers at the whistler restaurants are all smiling ear to ear now that there is snow.

March is looking like it should be busy, as the Whistler restaurant tours continue to gain momentum. The word-of-mouth buzz continues to grow as more people experience the Whistler dining tour first hand. Recently, it's been a total hit with stagette parties in Whistler, and we look forward to hosting many more in the spring when all the bachelorette groups are gearing up for summer weddings.

Whistler Peak2Peak

Sun Feb 22 01:08:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

The snow is coming! While it has not been the wettest of seasons here in Whistler, the weather this week looks promising. With snow being predicted for most of the week it is shaping up to be a great few days on Whistler Blackcomb. If you haven't tried the Peak2Peak gondola its worth the trip to Whistler alone. The mountain views are truly stunning.

As for Whistler Tasting Tours, Canada's premier dining activity, we have experienced our busiest month yet and are quickly becoming one of the top things to do in Whistler. With winterPRIDE, Valentines Day and Presidents week all crammed in to a few weeks, food and wine lovers have been coming out in droves! The tour continues to take dining in Whistler to the next level. Who knew restaurants could be so fun!

Valentines Day in Whistler

Sun Feb 08 01:06:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

For those looking to join us for a romantic treat over Valentine's Day, you better move fast. February 14th is filling up as Whistler visitors and Whistler locals alike are planning for their loved ones.

It already looks like the spring months are going to be busy for Whistler's food, wine and restaurant lovers. We have a number of stag and stagette parties in the works. Is there really a better way to celebrate a wedding in Whistler than to indulge in amazing food and wines!

Winter Pride

Sat Feb 07 01:04:00 -1000 2009 | Skai Dalziel

Well, we survived our busiest week to date with Winter Pride being in town. The wine and food dining tour was a hit with the group. They really loved eating and drinking at all the Whistler restaurants.

We had a fun run in with an MTV film crew at one of the chocolate shops. Hopefully our footage makes the final cut.

And we were even able to squeeze in a few mornings skiing and snowboarding on Whistler mountain. What a treat it is having the Peak 2 Peak gondola and being able to meet up with friends on both mountains without having to descend to Whistler village. Let it snow...

Whistler Restaurant Tour / Whistler Updates

Wed Jan 28 01:03:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

The Whistler Blackcomb weather and snow report for the upcoming weekend is looking decent. At least a little sun will keep the snow soft and feeling like spring conditions. The excitement around Whistler village is really mounting as February is fast approaching. February is always a great month in Whistler village with so many things to do! Besides Whistler Tasting Tours continuing to serve unbelievable culinary creations along with delicious BC wines at Whistler's best restaurants and expecting its best month yet...

Here are a few other fun events to get you started:
Whistler Winter Arts Festival by the Arts Council
Out of Bounds exhibit… vote and you could win a free Heli ski trip
Dufflebag Theater is back with another hilarious rendition of Peter Pan
Whistler Winter Pride Festival is back from Feb 01 – 08


2 new film series to check out:
Turn Up Winter
Cinema Politica
Something for everyone!!
There will also be World Cup events in Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton. These guys are BIG and FAST!! Check out the excitement.

Wed Jan 28 00:52:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

We're gearing up for Pride week at the start of February. The organizers have a ton of events planned, so it should be an amazing party. And what better way to celebrate than an evening of fantastic flavours from Whistler's best fine dining restaurants? Read about the experience Randall Shirley, Editor for "Out in Canada Magazine", had on tour.

Whistler Stagette Parties

Tue Jan 20 00:41:00 -1000 2009 | Skai Dalziel

Wow, time is flying. We have hosted a number of stagette parties here in Whistler in the past couple weeks. It's been a total hit with the groups, so if you're looking for stagette party ideas (bachelorette party ideas) this might be a great one for you.

Whistler Tasting Tours - Now The #1 Thing To Do In Whistler!

Tue Jan 13 00:39:00 -1000 2009 | Joe Facciolo

We are excited to announce that with the help of our client reviews we are now rated the #1 Thing To Do in Whistler by Thanks for all the fantastic feedback from everyone.

Pique Newsmagazine Article

Wed Jan 07 00:25:00 -1000 2009 | Holly Fraughton


A bite (and sip) of Whistler

Whistler’s pretty well known in foodie circles; after all, we boast an impressive range of dining options — Araxi, Bearfoot, and the Rim Rock just to name a few. But a lot of people don’t get a chance to check out each and every establishment. Click here to read more


Whistler Tasting Tours 100th Customer

Tue Dec 30 00:12:00 -1000 2008 | Skai Dalziel

Everything in Whistler is great! After a slow start, the snow is here, and the mountain conditions for skiing have picked up. The forecast looks great for next few days as well with more snow for the mountain on the way. The village is getting busier and the restaurants are back to being full of energy.

We are very excited to let you know we just had our 100th customer on our food and wine restaurant tour after only just a few weeks of being opened for business. The feedback has been fantastic from everyone, as our restaurant partners are really doing some fantastic stuff. We look forward to seeing everyone up in Whistler this winter season.

Question Newspaper Article

Thu Dec 18 08:00:00 -1000 2008 | Tessa Sweeeney

Whistler Tasting Tours has recently started offering a unique and sophisticated après/dinner option for food and wine lovers. Their mission is to create enjoyable and memorable dining experiences. Owners Joe Facciolo and Skai Dalziel grew up together in Barrie, Ont., and both graduated from the University of Western Ontario four years ago. Since then they had been traveling the world on separate paths.  Click here to read more.

Inaugural Tour

Wed Dec 03 23:59:00 -1000 2008 | Skai Dalziel

We just finished our first real tour! The evening couldn't have run any smoother. A few tweaks needed for the poker theme, but the Whistler restaurants nailed it with the food and wine presentation. Now it's time to get the word out about the best Whistler fine dining option. Click here to see photos from the night!

Whistler Tasting Tours - Trial Tour

Sat Nov 22 23:43:00 -1000 2008 | Skai Dalziel

We had our first wine and culinary tour tonight! Friends and Family were invited out to make sure all the Whistler restaurants on tour were presenting the food and wine properly. It was a whole lot of fun, and everyone's excited to see this activity become one of the best things to do in Whistler.

Whistler Cornucopia

Mon Nov 10 23:35:00 -1000 2008 | Joe Facciolo

We had a fantastic launch this past weekend at Cornucopia - Whistler's wine and food festival. We had a booth in the ballroom with all the wineries and were able to tell people about the exciting new food and wine tour coming to Whistler. Response was fantastic as everyone there was interested in food and wine. With no shortage of things to do in Whistler, we're hoping people will take the time to indulge with us on a fantastic wine and culinary tour visiting Whistler's best restaurants.