2009 Comes and Goes. The Year in Review.

Thu Jan 14 09:59:00 -1000 2010 | Joe Facciolo

Another crazy holiday season has come and gone in a blur.  Visitor numbers in Whistler were higher than expected, in large part due to the massive amounts of snow we has received this season.

Life is vibrating at a slightly slower pace now and has given some time to reflect on a wild year for Whistler Tasting Tours.

While 2008 was officially our first year of operation, it wasn't until 09 that tours were in full swing.  And what a year it was!  We knew the tour was fantastic but had no idea it would be received with such unbelievable praise.  Guest satisfaction has been outstanding.  It is truly wonderful to know that all of the hard work to create this program has payed off.  Whistler Tasting Tours hosted roughly 2500 guests this past year with projections for 2010 at 5000 guests.  It is a true testament to a growing number of people that love food and wine. 

In additional to guest approval, this unique concept has generated a massive amount of media interest.  Articles have been written in The National Post, Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, twice in the Pique Newsmagazine, Candian Geographic, twice in The Whistler Question, enroute online, Western Living, a recent 2hr live to air segment on the CBC province wide and more to come through the Associated Press, the BBC, Toronto Star and a publication in Norway.  Adding to this, Whistler Tasting Tours was selected one of only five businesses in the province and twenty across the nation to meet HRH Prince Charles and Premier Gordon Campbell to discuss the business.  Truly spectacular for our first full year of operation!

Our goal for 2010 is to continue to dazzle guests by exceeding expectations on all fronts.  We truly believe Whistler Tasting Tours is the top dining experience in Whistler and our guests have agreed.  See you in 2010!