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Partner Feature: Azza from the FireRock Lounge

Partner Feature: Azza from the FireRock Lounge

The cool staff, creative drink menu and relaxed atmosphere make the FireRock Lounge the perfect ending to our Finer Things Tour. We had a chat with general manager Azza to get some local insight and learn about his experience as a part of the FireRock Lounge team! 


How long have you been in Whistler?

I’ve been living in Whistler for 3 years and I’ve been working at the FireRock Lounge for 2 and a half years.


Where are you originally from?

I’m from Melbourne, Australia!


What brought you to Whistler and what made you stay?

Before coming here, I was living in London and came to Vancouver right after. I then visited Whistler for the first time and never really went back. The unique lifestyle I’ve acquired here has definitely made me stay.


What is your favourite cocktail to make?

The Negroni, but I wouldn’t mind making a Whiskey sour.


What is the best place to celebrate a birthday party?

The FireRock Lounge of course! We offer an extensive drink menu and the lounge is a great place to hang out 🙂


What is a fun activity to do if you’re from out of town?

It depends on what time of year it is. During the winter I’d say going up to the mountain to ski or snowboard but during the summer I love playing golf.


What is your favorite thing to order?

The Negroni is my favorite thing to make and to order! I also like ordering an Old Fashioned now and then.


Which is the best table at the FireRock Lounge?

Table 12 right beside the fire. It’s warm, comfy and great for big groups.


What is your favorite BC wine to enjoy after a long day?

The Syrah is the best BC red wine.


What is your favorite ski jam?

The sound of the mountain because I don’t wear headphones when I’m skiing!


How would you describe the Whistler culture to a visitor?

The culture here is like nowhere else in the world, you can do bunch of fun activities before going to work in the afternoon. You can’t really do that anywhere else!


Click here if you’d like to visit the FireRock Lounge on tour!



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